Agenda For The Global Forum In Barcelona Unveiled

The Youth Time Global Forum in Barcelona will begin in about a month and will last three days. In the following paragraphs Youth Time offers a description of what participants can expect.

Day 1: Networking day

After the participants have arrived, registered and checked in at our venue, they will be taken to the city centre of Barcelona. Here they will take part in social activities, which have been specially prepared for our event to let the participants get acquainted with one another in a relaxed and enjoyable way. In the evening there will be an opening event with a buffet, a networking game, and a welcome party!

Day 2: Employment day

After breakfast we will open the Forum with speeches by prominent guests. Right after that the plenary sessions will begin, in which the day’s topic – employment – will be discussed under the title: ‘Challenging Youth Unemployment’. Among the keynote speakers are Chris Barnes, an entrepreneur who has founded a successful online advertising agency, as well as Felix Marquardt, an established writer for the Huffington Post as well as the founder of ‘The Atlantic Dinners’, where opinion makers from the fields of politics, business, and the arts gather to exchange ideas.

After inspiring speeches and discussions with our speakers, we will continue with the project presentations. These will be handled by young and ambitious participants who are eager to share their solutions to the employment issue. The projects will be evaluated by an expert panel as well as by the participants, who will have the opportunity to question the project presenters. At the end of the working day there will be an interesting workshop, to challenge the minds of everyone at the event. 

Day 3: Education day

After breakfast we will go straight to the plenary sessions, in which the day’s topic – education – will be discussed under the title: ‘The Future of Education’. Among the keynote speakers you can expect Manish Dabas, chairman of the BRICS international Forum, as well as Silvia Crocitta, youth trainer and founder of the EuroDemos Youth Mobility NGO. After a break, we will continue with the project presentations, which this time will focus on the matter of education. At the end of the presentations, participants will vote for the winner of the event and will then conclude the program with another workshop, this one providing an overview.

Finally, in the evening everybody will have to dress up, before they will be taken to a special location for the official closing ceremony. Here the winners of the Youth Time Global Forum will be announced, and their victory will be celebrated with an incredible Spanish party!

How the Global Forum evolved from the Rhodes Youth Forum

Youth Time always strives for innovation and improvement, and this year the team has the challenging task of outdoing the experience of the last few years. 

The program has been intensified in comparison with last year’s event. First of all, the program is one day shorter, which leaves less time to decide who this year’s winner will be. There will also be a block of time on the schedule for journalists to interview our speakers and guests, making speakers and journalists busier than ever. Finally there will be fewer working hours, and participants will be responsible for deciding the event winner.

More active role

In comparison with last year, when participants were divided according to their field of interest, this year everybody will see all the projects. This is simply the result of the fact that all participants will vote to select a winner and accordingly will have to take a look at all the projects. Also there will be an increased focus on networking, as there will be more time available for networking activities in the program. Finally, in order to facilitate networking, Youth Time has developed an app which should increase the interactivity among participants at the event.

To speak in the spirit of Daft Punk, get ready for a ‘harder, faster, better’ experience!

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