Achieving Success Through Minimalism: An Interview with Andrew Rocha

From running to writing, Andrew Rocha has been living the minimalist lifestyle to the full. Here, we find out more about him.

As a kid, Andrew Rocha, did not enjoy running or writing.

However, since he ran a marathon and started a blog, he believes everyone can change their life; all you have to do is start.

Meet Andrew Rocha, Creator of Successful Steps Blog, who sat down with Youth Time to discuss more about his blog, where he writes about achieving success by following a minimalist lifestyle, and how one can make the most out of life and reach success.

There he shares some of his own findings in order to improve our lives, habits and our perspectives. 

By writing about personal improvement and minimalism, Rocha fulfils his mission of helping others create a better version of themselves. All of this while doing what he now enjoys much.

Benefits of minimalism, a free mind, financial freedom and minimalism among young people are just some issues Rocha discusses in this piece.

Let’s join him in climbing these successful steps, as he says- one step at a time.


Letting Go Of What Drains Us

Minimalism helps us remove the clutter to make room for what matters most, he believes, while enjoying living life through a minimalist mindset.

“Clutter can be anything from trinkets or gadgets to tedious commitments, stressful obligations, negative self-talk, and toxic relationships. 

“By questioning our patterns and activities, we can let go of what drains us and live a simpler, happier life.

“I am always evaluating my habits, routines, and commitments to determine what works best at this stage of my life. 

“It’s much easier to pick one set of habits or routines for eternity, but life is always changing, and we need to change accordingly.”

There is no one way to be a minimalist, what works for one person may not work for another, he goes on.  

“Minimalism helps me live a better life, and I have seen it help many others as well. Writing allows me to discover new insights about the world, evaluate my thoughts, and help others along the way. Minimalism is like writing, when you remove the clutter, you have left a beautiful result.”


Find Fulfilment Through Simplicity

How can we achieve personal development and success by using simplicity to fulfil our desires?

Indeed, it is simple, but humans like to make things complicated, Rocha argues.

“We think more is the key to happiness, but more is a path paved with stress and discontent. Before minimalism, I made a multitude of goals because that’s what society told me to do. 

“Once I realised it was making me stressed and discontent, I realised all I really wanted was tranquillity.”

Andrew Rocha 2
Minimalist Lifestyle: Andrew Rocha uses writing and running as a way to clear his mind

Hence, instead of focusing on completing goals, he focused more on his well-being and state of mind.

“Using simplicity helps us fulfil the same desire, but with a much more straightforward approach.” 


Discussing Benefits of Minimalism

Many people would agree with me: many benefits surround minimalism and it brings positive changes into one’s everyday life. Rocha further shares his say about what are the key benefits of minimalism.

Is it more about financial or emotional freedom? Or both of them?

Freedom is a significant benefit of minimalism, he asserts.

“Financial freedom to save our income. Emotional freedom to let go of the relationships and beliefs that no longer serve us. We also have the freedom to spend more time with loved ones, pursue hobbies, and live with less clutter.”

Thanks to minimalism, he has lived a life with more happiness, meaning, and peace.

“It’s been an ongoing process, but with patience and persistence I have seen great value in this practice.”

Minimalism is for everyone, and it is a timeless tool for people of any age. 

Since our audience is mainly youth, speaking from experience, he conclusively elaborates on how youth can live an intentional life with less, and how this lifestyle can guide them to a mindfulness and self-awareness living.

“Start off with your values; what do you care about?”, he asks young people, while adding:

“If you had all the time in the world, what would you be doing? What would life look like with less stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and fear? 

“As a young individual, you may feel you have less control over your life, but what do you have control over? What steps can you take to live the life you want?”

Take some time to think about your answers to these questions.

“Minimalism is not a one-day endeavour; it’s a lifelong journey.”, he wraps up.

Rocha loves writing, but when he is not writing, we can often find him walking, reading, or being in nature.

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