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I spent the last couple of days searching for start-ups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The point of my search was to show that many young people there are starting their own businesses. Some of the motivating factors are: promoting young people’s thoughts and ideas, helping others, or just working on a better future in general. I can tell you for a fact that Osnovna.ba responds to all those motivations and much, much more.

Osnovna.ba (osnovna-primary; as in ‘primary school’) is a project launched in 2015 by the Tree D One company in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It represents a way of connecting pupils, parents, and teachers. It is a system that was built to teach youngsters, help parents with their children’s education, and make teaching easier and more fun. 

This is a story about three friends who met seven years ago while in college. They decided to invest their time, knowledge, experience, and money to improve the lives of the youngest citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, thus, help them by offering something new and interesting. The idea of ​​the Osnovna.ba project was conceived many years ago and has been actively under development since 2012. After much research and many long days spent preparing the material, the system was launched in September 2015.

Osnovna.ba is an innovative educational platform that assists older primary school pupils (from the 5th to the 9th grade). It helps them to learn and understand the given material faster and better. 

Online education is the future, this system allows students to be part of it.

Osnovna.ba is based on an advanced system, unique in the region. With the help of new technologies and a new educational platform, it efficiently transfers knowledge to primary school pupils. The mission is to create a safe place on the Internet that allows young students to achieve maximum results. Osnovna.ba is making knowledge more accessible to all, in a fast and simple way. Plus, the prices are great and can be afforded by everyone. The goal is to improve the learning process of each individual, to remove the student’s fear of tough lessons and to teach pupils how to cope with the desired material. It follows the curriculum and what the pupil is studying at school. It guarantees better grades and better success at school. The system can find all the lessons young students learn in school and explain complex pieces of information more simply than textbooks do. The process begins with a video. After that, interactive assignments await, designed to help students to learn the material more easily.

Using the Osnovna.ba platform is more than easy. After registration, you enter a code from a scratch card (which can be bought almost anywhere) by which you add credit to your account. You use that credit to buy segments (“packs” of exercises and lessons) of the subject you want. The items, once bought, expire after 30 days. No additional purchases inside of those 30 days are needed.

Personally, I think this is one of the best (if not the best) start-ups from B&H I have encountered. Osnovna.ba is a system that has a personalized approach for each individual and offers a new and more enjoyable way to educate youngsters.

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