A List Of Movies To Make Winter The Best Season Ever

Winter is the appropriate time for watching movies and clearing up the mind. We have drawn up a list of the most recreational movies, the ones that can help you to feel the atmosphere of the snow season, filled with warm stories, breathtaking adventures, and endless inspiration to paint your life in bright colors. We have also included information about the most anticipated movies of 2016-2017, any one of which can make your winter.


The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Winter movies can be warm, too. Let’s start our list without classic movies like, for example, «Home Alone». One of the most original and heartwarming winter movies with a wonderful love story is «Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind». This film, where two people have erased each other from their memories because of past difficulties in passionate relationships, won the 2004 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. If you feel you are lost and you aren’t sure what love is, watch this movie and draw your own conclusions.

The Grinch

A list of movies about the snow season would be empty without a bright fairy tale to put you in a celebratory mood with Christmas decorations, cheerful music, dances, jokes, and the atmosphere of the holidays. «The Grinch» is a famous, fun story for all the family, especially for children and teenagers. The movie consists of everything that actually contributes to every celebration: warm emotions, happiness, and a little bit of sorrow. Above all, «The Grinch» will bring you positive energy.

Groundhog Day

If you want to start a new life (for example, on January 1) and change your whole state of mind, watch «Groundhog Day» (when do you have more time to «overload» yourself?!). The movie tells us about a man who is forced to relive one day, February 2, multiple times until he analyzes what he is doing wrong every day and corrects the way he lives. «Groundhog Day» tells the uplifting story of a narcissistic man who learns he can become a better person. Watching this movie is a good way to start living a new year, it leaves you not only in a good mood, but maybe with a useful new outlook. «Groundhog Day» won the British Comedy Awards for its screenplay and was recognized as the best comedy of 1993.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

«Miracle on 34th Street» isn’t that famous in Europe, but this is one of the most popular American films about Christmas. The movie won the Academy Awards for best actor in a supporting role, best writing, best screenplay, and best original story, and it’s not surprising: «Miracle on 34th Street» has been loved by many generations because of kind, touching story, which helps you to feel the magic atmosphere of the holidays and enjoy the season one hundred percent.

The Eight Below

An American adventure drama, «Eight Below» lets you to plunge headfirst into a snowy winter. The movie tells a story about friendship and the survival of dogs in absolute isolation. It’s based on an incredibly sad and heartbreaking Japanese film, «Antarctica», by Koreyoshi Kurahara. «Eight Below» won the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards and has a place on the lists of the best movies of all times.


One of the reasons to look forward to 2017 is new film releases.  We have looked over the lists of the most anticipated movies for the winter of 2016-2017 and have picked out films which should be interesting for everybody.

The Dark Tower

There have been many attempts to make a movie based on the famous series of books by the king of horrors, Stephen King, and – cheers! – it has finally happened. The story tells us about gunslinger Roland Deschain, who wanders an Old West-like landscape and looks for the dark tower (the axis of the universe, located somewhere in the center of planet earth), in the hope that finding it will preserve a dying world. The movie adeptly combines such genres as dark, science fantasy, horror, and Western. It seems like King’s fans have been waiting for this movie too long, and Nikolaj Arcel, director of «The Dark Tower», will tell us a profound story that will satisfy the interests of millions of people all over the world.

World premiere: February 15, 2017

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

We’ll have an opportunity to watch many long-awaited movies this winter, and one of these is «Rogue One». It will be an epic space opera film – the first spin-off from «Star Wars» – directed by Gareth Edwards (he is best known for directing the reboot of «Godzilla» and «Monsters»). The movie tells the story of a swindler band of resistance fighters who combine their forces for a mission to steal the Death Star’s plans after the formation of the Galactic Empire.

World premiere: December 14, 2016


«Passengers» is another film that can make your winter. This science fiction movie, directed by Morten Tyldum (known for directing «The Headhunters» and «The Imitation Game»), tells about a spaceship with 5,000 passengers on a journey through space to a new home. People sleep in suspended animation, but something suddenly goes wrong, the system fails in a sleep chamber, and one passenger awakens while the ship is still 90 years from its destination.

World premiere: December 21, 2016

Photo: IMDB

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