7 Places Worth Seeing While Taking A Stroll Around Vyšehrad

In the following article we provide you an unusual guide to the oldest fort in Prague – Vyšehrad. It was erected in the second half of the10th century. There is a belief that it is the place where hard-coded alchemical signs and symbols, as well as mystical principles of urban development, were put into practice.

1. The mystical tour begins at the entrance to the fort, where the Tábor gates are situated. Local people who have knowledge of esoteric teachings are convinced that those gates are a portal into another world, a sacral place, the holy ancient city.

They serve as a kind of needle’s eye. In order to feel Vyšehrad and immerse yourself in its mystical functions, it is necessary to leave everything that is customary behind as you pass through these gates and walk inside with an absolutely clear mind that is not overburdened with consciousness. Clear all troubles out of your mind and prepare to listen eagerly,” said Yulia Obregon, our tour guide and a scholar of Czech mystical traditions.

2. Having passed through the gates, every visitor to Vyšehrad will inevitably come across the map of the fort. It will help you get an overview of the location. However, sorcerers claim that this map has a more profound meaning. If you look at the whole map without paying attention to details, you will be able to see the lines that demarcate the territory. The composition formed by these lines resembles the shape of a scorpion.

Yulia Obregon, “In the 14th century, during the rule of king Charles IV, Czech mystics and astrologers were given the task of calculating the astrological structure of Prague and determining its Zodiac sign. It turned out to be the Scorpio. Therefore, all buildings inside the city were erected with due consideration for its “Zodiacal” disposition. Czech kings had the highest regard for the masters of mystical teachings and astrologers, and they were amenable to the mystics’ recommendations and brought them to the court from all over Europe. As a result, Prague became a peculiar kind of “mystical instrument”, and it is still functioning. Modern mystics call this phenomenon the “Prague pot”. All types of energy, people and occurrences flow in this place. Here they get “digested” and melted into a special, new, and harmonious state. That is the essence of Scorpio’s mystery.


3. The Rotunda of St. Martin will be the next sight on your way. It is the oldest religious building in Prague (built in the11th century). The Rotunda has a rich history. Initially, it was intended for church services, later it was turned into a warehouse to store gunpowder, and it was also used for manufacturing. In addition, for many years the Rotunda served as a shelter for the poor.

Yulia Obregon, “Rotundas are powerful sources of energy. Therefore, in the Middle Ages they were used as landmarks to divide the city into parts.” 

4. The main road ends behind the Rotunda. Several paths run further into Vyšehrad, and visitors should choose for themselves which one to take. In any case, all paths will eventually lead to the “Magical maze”. It is believed that if you enter the maze while ruminating over an important task or urgent issue, you will find the solution upon reaching the exit.

Yulia Obregon, “The maze is a special, private space that serves as a wonderful instrument for the development of the intuition. This magical maze is one way of strengthening your analytical thinking and its interconnection with the intuitive and spiritual levels of consciousness.”

5. The Basilica of St. Peter and Paul (built in the 11th century) is the most famous building in Vyšehrad. It is considered to be the most symmetrical structure in Prague. Visually, the Basilica maintains the style of traditional Czech religious buildings. However, the symbols carved on the cathedral are of a particular interest. The infinity sign is located right above the entrance to the church.

Yulia Obregon, “The first infinity sign can be seen above the entrance on the left side. The infinity sign turns into “I -one, uniform consciousness” which bifurcates, bringing forth the duality whereon the world is built. Above the entrance on the right side there are two signs instead of one. They head towards each other, collide and introvert. Their interaction gives birth to reality as a material phenomenon. In fact, it is the mystery of the beginning of life and ego. What does it mean? In short, the second sign symbolizes the need to break free from decision-making and all types of limitations, personality, ego, and from the need to maintain ourselves financially. Instead, we ought to lead psychological and mental lives. The first sign means that only through a crystal clear vision of the world’s duality along with an appropriate attitude can it be possible to reach the state of wholeness – the unity of the inner and outer worlds. Abstract freedom is the way to infinity.

By the way, it is believed that the bell ringers at the Basilica of St. Peter and Paul are the best in Prague because they are able to produce the purest sound. This is not a coincidence. 

Yulia Obregon, “There is a secret society in Vyšehrad called the “Order of bell ringers”. Its members consider the ringing of bells to be a method of influence on the environment and people through resonance with vibrations.

6. During a tour around Vyšehrad it would be impossible to miss yet another enigmatic place – the Black Well. It is believed that the well was built at the same time as the fort, that is a thousand years ago. And quite a few ghosts have occupied it over the intervening years.   

Yulia Obregon, “It is believed that the Black Well is the place where you can test your spiritual strength. It is a safe place for people who are strong and capable of facing their fears. But those who are weak in spirit must not look inside the well, because its ghosts can take possession of their souls and drive them mad.”

7. Vyšehrad is situated on a hill, therefore it commands magnificent views of Prague from many places. However, one viewing point belongs to the “must visit in the evening” (!) category. Tradition holds that this is the place where, in the 9th century, the Czech ruler and clairvoyant princess Libuše read her prophesies. She prophesied, “I see a great city whose glory will touch the stars.” Nowadays this place overlooks the main attraction of the city – Prague Castle. When the evening lights shine on its buildings, they strike us as being golden.

Yulia Obregon, “It is believed that this spot is the “crack between the worlds”, and Libuše looked right into it. Anyone can do the same who stands at the right spot on the viewing platform and has the right state of mind.

At the end of our virtual tour around Vyšehrad I would like quote Yulia Obregon one more time. According to her, if you look at a map of the Czech Republic, you will notice that Vyšehrad and Prague Castle are situated on a special line that crosses the central axis of whole country.

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