7 Most-Innovative Start-ups In Netherlands

Being on the list of Top20 in the world and Top10 in Europe, as the start-up hub - for sure the Netherlands deserves it, the Dutch start-up culture is on it's peak and as it seems there isn't any sign that it will slow down the trend. The number of start-ups in Netherlands is massive and everyday is growing, which made our listing very difficult, but we tried to bring here a representation of general start-up scene from the Netherlands.


Global platform for bicycle rentals online. Book & Pay, Simple and Secure. Looking for bike rentals? With bimbimbikes you can book and pay for your bicycle anywhere, at anytime you want. Thanks to bimbimbikes you can:
– Directly arrange a rental bike, to have no hassles during your vacation;
– Have a clear overview of available rental rates;
– Easily detect where to rent a bike on your destinations.
3D Hubs is world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers. By connecting everyone to nearby 3D Printer owners, 3D Hubs is accelerating a future of local and on-demand production. This network consists of 14,000 printing locations worldwide, providing over one billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles distance from their home.
42Education is an inclusive learning platform for primary education – digitising existing learning materials and developing engaging activities to teach basic education.


2theloo is an innovative service retail concept from the Netherlands with always clean restrooms, unique toilet design, and a shop with toiletries and gifts. Their mission is to make the absolute most of your toilet break. No matter where you are – 2theloo currently has 200 amazing toilet shops in 15 different countries.

Bohemian Birds

As unbelievable it may sound – it’s true, this start-up aims to give life your bucket-list. Bohemian birds is a global travel platform dedicated to the mission to help people empty their bucket list.

Aim For The Moon

Aimforthemoon is a group of entrepreneurs who challenge the way tomorrow’s ventures are built. They are creating new values through collaboration with large organizations. To make it very simple, AimForTheMoon is connecting teams of entrepreneurs, developers and creators with large organizations so that together, they can realize “innovation” from scratch.

Since when it’s launched on May 2013, DutchStartupJobs.com has quickly become the main Go-To place for start-ups in the Netherlands to find new talent. Whether it’s for Internships, Full Time, Freelance or Co-Founder positions.

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