Whips, Murder Mysteries, Flying Bells and Witches All Have One Thing in Common: Easter

7 Easter traditions you probably heard nothing about and gallery of the best egg designs. Easter is originally a Christian holiday that has changed a lot in the past few decades. Today it is still widely celebrated but often many or all traditions have been replaced with something new. Different countries have Easter on different days and different ways of celebrating it.


Instead of the Easter Bunny, Australians believe that the Easter Bilby brings the eggs. The bilby is an endangered species in Australia so one of the reasons for this tradition is to raise awareness. Australians also don’t like rabbits because they wreak havoc on crops.


Along with France and The Netherlands, little French children believe that church bells fly away before Easter – they return with eggs. A few days before Easter church bells don’t ring as a sign of mourning.


In Spain and Finland, Easter look more like Halloween. In Spain they wear dark robes or skeleton costumes and they dance to dramatic drumbeats to symbolize the Passion of Christ. In Finland children instead dress up as witches and hang broomsticks around their necks. Bonfires are made to scare off any witches that are believed to be stronger during the festival.


In some countries they eat cake or chocolate eggs for Easter, but in Columbia they have a different traditional treat. For dinner the Colombians eat rodents, turtles and iguanas.


In Norway Easter is a five-day holiday referred to as ‘Easter thriller’. During these days Norwegians go off alone and take holidays outside of the city, often in cabins. They relax and read crime novels and murder mysteries!


Greece has several Easter traditions. Instead of painting eggs in multiple colors, Greeks paint theirs only red and then make Easter bread out of them. In one Greek town, Vrontados, two churches attack each other with rockets! No really, at midnight on Easter Sunday the rival parishes try to get as many rockets on the other church.

Czech Republic

Like other Slavic countries, men whip women with pussy-willow branches and douse them with cold water. This is said to keep the woman beautiful and healthy – so women reward them with decorated eggs, homemade alcohol, candy and even money.


Few Interesting Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs





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