6 Mind-Blowing Presentation Tools & Platforms to Win Over Your Audience

The ability to effectively share ideas, communicate and persuade an audience whether you are in the corporate world, in school, or anywhere else is priceless. You might be an amazing speaker, a phenomenal strategist but these skills are not enough. The power of a well-done presentation takes your audience on an imaginary journey and visualization, hooking them from the beginning and holding their attention to the end.

Your presentation should be able to speak for you even when you are not in the room. You need presentation tools to help you design, present, and share your ideas.

You also need a platform tool that will help you design, present, and share your efforts excellently. With tons of presentation tools to choose from, it can be quite difficult to select the appropriate one that speaks to your needs and wants. Allow us to introduce to you some of the most efficient presentation tools and platforms you can use in your field of work, school, aside from the familiar tool PowerPoint.




Piktochart is online design software that allows a user to craft unique presentations from a wide range of professionally designed slide templates, color schemes, etc. This broad selection is especially useful for those who don’t have much design expertise or know-how but need to create a visually stunning presentation in a tweak. The platform allows users to include elements like graphs, charts, etc. Piktochart comes with a free version but with certain limitations.



It is the world’s first slide design platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This platform is different from the rest and it stands out. The technicalities of this software examine your images, text, and theme and design your content in the finest layout, saving you loads of time. It helps cut off the time to invest in alignment and making sure font is in line, etc. It designs the outlook of your presentations and arranges your content, accordingly, using AI. Another unique feature of Slidebean is real-time collaborations between many users.




A cloud-based platform that allows you to design interactive presentations. Depending on your plan of work, you have access to a huge library of templates on branding, marketing, sales, business themes, as well as icons and images that can be edited in the app.


Google Slides

Google Slides is a tool for creating, editing, collaborating, and presenting. You can directly work from your browser or download it on your laptop. It comes with unique fonts, animation effects, video embedding, and many other features. This platform requires you to have an account, it is easy to navigate and use. It saves your projects automatically and you can see the previous versions.


Google Slides


The platform comes with over 30 templates, interesting transitions, and animations for your design elements, as well as charts, editable shapes, and more exciting features. Keynote also allows teams to collaborate in real-time. With its unique features, one is easily able to create a beautiful presentation from scratch without having to know any design basics.



If you are thinking of using dynamic video presentation instead of text, Vyond is your go-to platform. It helps create powerful and amazing interactive video presentations, without having any technical knowledge, adding a compelling storytelling factor to engage with your audience. Vyond helps you incorporate GIFs, short clips, memes that can add humor to your presentation. You can choose different stock characters, props, etc. for your presentation. It also allows users to edit simultaneously. However, the software is not free it comes at a cost.


Jacob Lund/shutterstock

Presentations have evolved over time. No longer boring slides at school or work. You have the opportunity to make stunning presentations that tell a story with your idea. The afore mention platforms can do the trick for you. You don’t need to be a designer or have design skills before designing a top-notch presentation.

These platforms do not only help you create stunning presentations, but they also enhance your creativity, you access real-time collaboration with your teams, navigate diverse templates, themes, and tools opening your presentation up to many possibilities. Although some of these platforms are free, others come with a cost. But it is totally worth an investment.

Enjoy using any of these platforms and thank us later!


Photo: Gorodenkoff/shutterstock


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