5 Things You Should Never Utter at Work

Everything we say especially at the workplace has a lasting impression on us. Whether it is giving an opinion, a compliment, advice, or even replying to a mail, it is extremely important you pay attention to what you say and communicate.

Every word you say gives a definite meaning and impression of who you are. Certain words might communicate frustration, not being a good team player, being good at your job, etc. with or without your concern. The words or language you communicate have an impact on you and how people see you. Here are seven phrases that you should never say at work.


 “I Can’t Do It”

An outright “I can’t do it” shouldn’t slip out of your mouth at the workplace. It always gives a negative impression about you, instead of telling your manager you can’t do something because you have too much on your plate or are overwhelmed, it is ideal you make her understand what you have on your to-do list. Detail out your tasks and ask her to help you prioritize. For example, your boss is asking you to complete a team SWOT analysis report although you are currently working on a client budget presentation. It is ideal to ask your boss what you complete first, having this conversation would make her understand you can’t work on both tasks at a time., hence it is ideal to pass the tasks to someone else.


“It’s Not My Fault”

As humans, we easily get defensive, when accused of something. It is human nature and that is how we are wired. However, it is not my fault phrase doesn’t belong in the workplace. It is the dream of every boss to see their team succeed or stand together as one during an issue or trouble. At the workplace, be known for the “let’s fix this” mentality rather than “it is not my fault” Instead of looking to place blaming someone, be a solution-oriented person. Help your manager or colleagues figure out what can be done to remedy the situation so that it doesn’t escalate further.


 “At My Last Job”

Comparison is such a terrible practice you should desist from. Nothing turns people off like someone who always says, “At my old company, we did it like this or like that.” The moment this comparison is made, your colleagues will think if everything was good at your old company, why are you here? The last thing you want at your workplace is it be considered a grateful person for what you currently have. This can be such a turnoff for your boss or colleagues. Take time to learn and unlearn previous skills or ways of working from your old job, have an open mind to learn new things, and find a way to excel at it.


“It’s Not My Job”

This is one of the most dangerous phrases spoken inside the walls of the corporate world. The moment it is spoken, you are automatically not a team player. You prefer to work in silos and don’t develop a culture of collaboration. Although everyone has a specific role, collaboration gets the job done, in a workplace, and at the end of the day, team success is seen first before individual glory. However, if you put the latter first you are likely to be seen as selfish and unhelpful, having such a reputation at work, is a no-no for career excellence.


 “I Can’t Work with Him/Her”

Workers operate differently, and with different mindsets and ways of working, clashes and conflicts are inevitable. However, it is critical to have the power to be tolerant of everyone you work with, although you can be best friends, it is ideal you cooperate with everyone to get the work done at the end of the day. Verbally stating if you can’t work with someone, it is a red flag that you are not a peaceful person, instead of complaining and making yourself look bad in the process, focus on improving the relationship. Sit down with the person and have a conversation with the person to see how you can settle your differences. Ask what you can do to make her work life easier. The results may be better than you think, and you could find yourself with a new friend. If the situation is still above, it will be ideal to loop in your boss. At the end of the day, the success of the task or project is what matters most, hence you both will have to put your difference aside and get work done.


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