5 Me Time Activities to Boost Your Mood

When life gets busy and hectic, all we crave is a “me day”. But what to do during this day to nourish ourselves?

It is a well-known fact that days off simply go by, quite often not as we planned them. There are many memes for this problem too, about our expectations on a day off and the actual reality. When things get hard at work, we find ourselves vowing that once this week is out of sight, we will treat ourselves in the best way possible. Yet again, when that day off takes place, we end up lost on our couch, wondering what to do, and often only paying more attention to the negative aspects of our routine. So how about we change that narrative? Here’s a list of ideas that might inspire you to take a break every once in a while.


Take a Long Bath

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As much as I would like to say, go for a morning run, that is truly not my case. But having a long bath is. To make sure you have no interruptions, also lock the door. Run a hot bath, light some candles and have a glass of wine in the meantime or read a book while you relax.


Try Adult Coloring

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Sometimes I wish we had a ‘Turn off’ button so we could not overthink our everyday activities. I haven’t invented the button but I found something quite similar to it. Coloring can actually impact your mental health by generating mindfulness and allowing you to rest after a rough day or week. Go get those baggy pajamas on, bring snacks by your bed, and get comfortable.


Take a Walk

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Sometimes there is nothing more soothing and tranquilizing than getting out in nature and enjoying some fresh air. Focus on the things that make you smile along the road, since this way you release endorphins out of your body and that’s how you enjoy the journey. Put your invisible headphones on, and listen to the music that our mother nature produces. If you have your furry friend to keep you company, even better!


Paint or Draw Something

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You might think that you are not good at painting or drawing. Well, to be honest, this is truly not an issue. Have you ever heard of doodling and its calming effects on our brain? You don’t really need to worry about those who question your artistic abilities (if possible, stay away from those people). This will help you concentrate on your art, without thinking of those stressful to-do lists of ours.

Get Up Early

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I know this task can be a struggle, as we hate leaving our lovely bed early in the morning. However, we need to make sacrifices when it comes to our precious time. Mornings do not really have to be that terrible if you do activities that you enjoy. First things first, drink coffee or tea out of your favorite mug and if it works for you, you can put on some music to help you relax. Everyone deserves to have a nice morning, a break, or just some time alone with their thoughts. Watching the sunrise might also help.

But just as a friendly reminder, one size does not fit all! If you need more sleep, then listen to your body, and sleep ahead.


So dear reader, if you need to reconnect with yourself or need to do something that you love, I encourage you to choose one of these options today, to unplug yourself from the world even if it’s just for five minutes.


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