3 Facts You Should Know About Honors Programme in Medical Education

n the 2020-2021 school year, over 50,000 applicants applied for entry into Medical School with just under 23,000 of them offered admission. That is an average of only 42% of the medical school aspirators that applied. Every year, thousands of students around the globe seek out applications into medical school with only a little percentage of them being accepted. The competition is certainly high.

If you’re considering an honors programme in medical education, you should strive to stand out among other applicants.

What knowledge do you have of the requirements of the medical school you’re applying to?

How much time have you spent reading about life in school? With the number of applicants increasing every year, acceptance rates also continue to decrease.

As such, you must be saddled with information through research that can grant you access to opportunities.

Below are some facts to note about the honors programme in medical education.


There Is No Minimum Grade For Application

There is no stated GPA for applicants due to the various formats of GPA calculation in High Schools. You should note, however, that there are other requirements to meet before you can be granted admission.

Requirements are generally important as they help make sure students have some basic knowledge of the course they’re applying for.

To get enrolled for medical education, you should familiarize yourself with the requirement of the institution you’re applying to.

Nonetheless, for HPME, applicants must have a minimum of 16 units of high school credit with each unit representing a year of work in a subject.

The subjects outlined should be included in the 16 units.

  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics

There are no substitutes for the course requirements as all are compulsory.

Entry Examination is also a requirement for applicants. They are required to take the SAT exams with Chemistry and Math level 2 as compulsory subjects. The ACT may be used as a substitute for the SAT exams.

Like the GPA, there are no minimum scores required for the Honors Programme in Medical Education. However, applicants usually admitted to the program scored well on their entrance exams.

Honors programme
Action: Make this your year to take part in an honors programme

2.   You Have To Be Brilliant As You Are Intelligent

Being very smart and well-informed generally is what education has been focused on for ages.

This is quite good as it brought about most of the innovations we see. But to be admitted into a competitive program as the Honors Programme, an applicant has to be brilliant as they are intelligent.

The Honors Program in Medical Education doesn’t require you to have the perfect GPA or test scores to get into the program.

But you, however, need to have really good scores, grades, and another feature (brilliancy) that the next applicant doesn’t have.

Personality is also quite important during the application process.

You want to display your social skills during an interview and not be too tense.

Be relaxed, friendly, and confident.

Remember one of your aims is to stand out.


There Are No Early Admissions For Applicants

There are no opportunities to put in for an early application for the program.

Interested students must go through the regular process with all application requests submitted with the Common application for undergraduate admission.

Regular application request dates for the program typically fall within October to December with the application due in January.

Shortlisted candidates would be called for interviews between February and March. Successful applicants would be informed about the status of their application via email on the 1st of April.

To apply for medical education, an application request should be submitted.

Other materials must be submitted via a unique application link that would be given when your request is accepted.

Any other mode of submission would be rejected including mailing and faxing.

Information is the edge that helps you stand out.

Interested applicants need to be on the lookout for news from the medical school of their choice to maximize their chances of getting into the school.

If you’re still in high school but have got eyes on the programme, work towards getting good grades, high test scores, and improving your social skills.

The former is not a compulsory requirement for entry but it’ certainly improves your chances of getting in.

Lastly, here are some more quick facts about the 7-year long Honors Programme in Medical Education:

  • Awards, honors, and extracurricular activities are not taken into consideration during the application request phase.
  • Important documents to be included in your test scores, coursework, and GPA.

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