10 Mexican Universities on the Verge of Financial Collapse

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent reports in youth-related news and events. In this week's Friday news summary, we speak about financial collapse of ten Mexican universities, One-third of universities in Brazil that are irregular and the number of foreign students in French tertiary institutions.

10 Mexican universities on the verge of financial collapse

Only emergency funding of $213 million can save ten of Mexico’s public universities that are on the brink of collapse, reports Mexico News Daily. Government officials and staff have warned that the institutions which could collapse first are the Autonomous University of Morelos, San Nicolás Hidalgo, Michoacán and Tabasco. For instance, rector of the Zacatecas Autonomous University (UAZ) stated that they need around $10 million to pay salaries and year-end bonuses for this year and the same amount to pay social security and taxes. $213 million that are needed to save these institutions from financial collapse can only be allocated by the federal Finance Secretariat whose chief, José Antonio González Anaya will be attending meetings to discuss the issue.

One-third of universities in Brazil are irregular

According to Folha survey, 68 out of 196 universities in Brazil do not meet the legal requirements to be considered a “university”. The survey is based on the date from a federal agency called Capes and the 2016 Higher Education Census. The 1996 Education Guidelines Act states that in order for university to be considered as ”university”, it needs to be made up of one-third of full-time members staff. Also, it needs to offer four master’s degrees and two doctorate degrees, academic programs and scientific research. 34.7 per cent of Brazilian universities do not meet at least one of these requirements.

4.5 per cent of foreign students in France

According to figures released by the Ministry of Education, there are 343,400 foreign students in the French higher education system, reports the Pie News. The ministry document states that the number of foreign students in France has grown 18 per cent since 2012 and almost doubled between 2000 and 2017. Florent Bonaventure, who is Campus France’s director of communications stated: ”We are thrilled to see that French universities continue to attract many students coming from abroad and we hope that the trend will continue to grow.”Bonaventurealso believes that one of the main reasons for this trend is the growth of English-taught programs in France.

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