Why Women Should Be Financially Independent

The benefits of financial independence are priceless, therefore here are some of the reasons why you should be financially independent as a woman.

From the early stages of my life, I heard my parents saying to me: “You need to get educated, you have to learn and be independent in your life.”

I come from a country where all the schools were closed due to war. I clearly remember the struggle of our parents trying to raise their kids in the middle of the situation that we were in. However, going to improvised schools and getting educated was not a choice, but one of their principles.

Those words of my parents about education and independence are forever stamped on my memory.

As a young girl, I remember my grandparents and parents giving me examples of how I should go further in life no matter the circumstances I might be facing. Most parents want their kids to go to the university and get a degree because it will increase earning potential and enable them to get ahead in the workplace and later on be financially independent.


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Why I Care About Financial Independence

Becoming financially independent is not just a task for men. Everyone despite their gender must be able to become financially independent.

It was not an easy journey for me. My early childhood memories were in the first place trying to stay alive and later on, after the war, to get educated, despite all the economic problems my country was facing after the war.

My life as a person from a country that has been going through a war and economic problems after that didn’t stop me from getting educated and becoming financially independent from scratch. It also shouldn’t stop any other woman from believing in her capabilities and standing for her right to move further in life, become independent, and make life choices without any concern or fear of what the future might bring. Because financially independent women feel secure and respected no matter their socio-economic background. This automatically affects not just the woman but her family, society, and country in general.


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Benefits of Financial Independence

There have been changes in the process of employment in the past few decades, with more women getting employed, still, the government should be doing more to improve women’s rights in the world.

The benefits of financial independence are priceless, therefore here are some of the reasons why you should be financially independent as a woman.

  • We all want to feel secure and important and do something else besides being somebody’s wife, mother, or daughter. We want to contribute to everything, but sometimes being a financially independent woman is being misinterpreted. It is not only about being financially independent, it’s also about the wellbeing of society in general.
  • Married women who are financially independent have a strong impact on their families and their future.  They can help their families during economic crises, ease their husbands’ jobs to maintain the family when in need, or simply be able to manage their finances and not depend on their husbands.
  • To be financially independent as a woman doesn’t mean you will not ask your partner for help if you need it, but you will be able to meet your immediate needs.
  • Being financially independent as a woman also means you can just walk away in case of an abusive or toxic marriage and continue your life, despite being afraid of the finances. Financial independence gives you that power and that’s the best gift you can give to yourself.
  • The same thing goes for unmarried women, if they are financially independent they can manage their money to help themselves and not depend on anybody.


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As a woman, I encourage all women to be brave and to seek financial independence, to work towards their goals and accomplish everything they want. Remember that financial independence comes with hard work and determination, but the rewards are truly fulfilling. Start investing in yourself, whether find a job or turn your hobbies into a job that will bring you that financial independence, so you will be able to contribute to your well-being and be someone who doesn’t have to depend on others to provide for themself.


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