University of Coimbra Stops Serving Beef in an Effort to Combat the Climate Crisis

In this week’s news we speak about how Bachelor of Arts (BA) is India's most popular undergraduate course, a request made to Pakistan's Higher Education Commission (HEC) to provide clean drinking water in all universities and the University of Coimbra's decision to stop serving beef in an effort to combat the climate crisis.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) remains India’s most popular undergraduate course

Quartz reports that India’s youth continues to pursue generic Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, even though it barely offers a perspective for finding a job.

According to the All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE), 9.34 million students are currently enrolled at BA programs in the country.

Sumit Kumar, vice-president at TeamLease Skill University, said: “Traditionally, non-technical courses don’t offer internships.

Hence, lack of exposure to real work in courses like BA churns out unemployable candidates.”

Shantanu Rooj, chief executive officer and founder of Schoolguru Eduserve, an online learning company, added:

“In absence of proper guidance, a large number of students get stuck in the age-old BA/BCom courses with low-level equilibrium and then struggle to get to their first jobs.”

Youth Time magazine has conducted a research project to identify the most popular college majors in 10 countries around the globe.

Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) urged to provide clean drinking water in all universities

Associated Press of Pakistan reports that Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) was asked to provide drinking water in public and private universities.

Currently, there are 206 universities in the country, out of which 124 are public and 82 belong to the private sector.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs confirmed that HEC was given appropriate funding for the project and that finalization could be expected soon.

The matter was discussed in September last year, but since then, it remained unattended.

University of Coimbra decides to stop serving beef in an effort to combat the climate crisis

Newsweek reports that the University of Coimbra decided to stop serving beef for the first time in its history in order to combat the climate crisis.

Amílcar Falcão, who is the university’s rector, said:

“We are experiencing a climate emergency, and we have to put brakes on this projected environmental catastrophe.

” Greenhouse gas emission is caused by the beef production and the University of Coimbra wants to become Portugal’s first carbon-neutral university.

Additionally, this institution wants to implement strict policies against food waste and remove plastic products.

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