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"Quality and relevant education for every child," is Kiko Muuo’s Twitter bio. Unlike some other symbolic things you can see on Twitter, this time, this statement shows the true activism of a young boy who is transforming education across Kenya through digital learning opportunities. 

Kenyan students have recorded 24% improvement in overall academic performance, teachers have saved more than 45900 minutes through reduced administrative tasks, and parents have saved more than $78k by enrolling their children on a digital learning platform, instead of buying textbooks.

All of these figures record just some of the measurable positive impacts made in the community thanks to Kiko Muuo, a young activist living in Nairobi, Kenya who has turned his passion for education into an EdTech social enterprise. Inspired by his own experience with lacking adequate education resources, in 2018 he launched Angaza Elimu – and is currently working toward transforming education across Kenya and the entire African continent by delivering personalized learning experiences to students.

Thanks to his initiative, Kenyan kids are learning 21st century work force skills such as coding, creating cool games, animations, and building robots. In this interview with Youth Time, among other compelling issues, Muuo, CEO of Angaza Elimu, describes how technology is empowering young Kenyan scientists with relevant skills to compete with the rest of the world.


In Just 15 years, Africa will Add More to its Workforce than the Whole World Combined

His endeavor looks even more consequential when bringing into the discussion that it is estimated that by 2035 the number of Africans joining the workforce will exceed that of the rest of the world combined. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) an additional 100 million people in this region will reach the working age of 15 to 64 years in 2035.

Muu shares his platform, how it has benefited children, teachers and parents, and what’s the eLearning method they practice. A part of this interview is also dedicated to students’ impressions and community feedback for Angaza Elimu.


Computer leeson
Computer leeson


Muuo begins his conversation with Youth Time’s author by pointing out that Elimu takes the meaning of its name – “illuminated education” – from theory into practice.

Further, he explains the work flow realities of delivering personalized and mastery-based learning experiences to students through an interactive and adaptive eLearning platform.

“We amplify teacher student engagement by reducing content delivery inefficiencies that students and teachers face in and out of the classroom. We also offer an interactive hand for training for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to equip students with relevant 21st century workforce skills.”


Four Tangible Positive Influence of Angaza Elimu in the Community

In addition, he shares the following measurable impacts since he launched his platform.

  • Students have recorded 24% improvement in overall academic performance. Key improvements have been recorded in literacy and numeracy skills. This was made possible by our adaptive and immersive learning approach, geared towards improving the proficiency of specific curriculum concepts.
  • Through our STEAM training program, 14200+ students have gained concrete 21st century workforce skills needed to help them in their careers or in acting as entrepreneurs who will lead to an increase in productivity and drive economic growth.
  • Teachers have saved 45900+ minutes through reduced administrative tasks and focus on personalized instruction.
  • Parents have saved $78k+ by enrolling their children on our platform instead of buying textbooks, hence reducing the financial barriers to educational resources. Money saved is channeled into other income-generating activities, thus improving the livelihoods of families.

Unlike some e-learning platforms, the system of Angaza Elimu is designed to provide a seamless interaction between the teachers and the students. Muuo briefly describes for our readers what this means in practice.


In the classroom
In the classroom


It’s very evident that for any technology to be a success the teacher must be involved as the key implementer. We have built our product around supporting and empowering teachers to help them identify students’ specific needs to help deliver personalized and customized instruction.“


The E-learning Platform and Its Impact on 21st Century Workforce Skills in Kenya

 How technology empowers young Kenyan scientist with relevant skills to compete with the rest of the world, and how Angaza Elimu promotes eLearning as a tool to bridging the gap between the education system and current workforce needs.

By adding that “Interactive and adaptive eLearning is an inclusive digital learning, teaching and tracking platform that gives students access to rich, high-quality digital content, adaptive assessments and supports teachers to identify students’ specific needs and help deliver personalized/customized instruction,” Muuo brings into the discussion the role of the platform’s STEAM program.

“Our innovative STEAM program is one of our product offerings that is aimed at equipping students with relevant 21st century skills.”

“We have identified a huge gap in practical training in the education space. It’s estimated that by 2035 the number of Africans joining the workforce will exceed that of the rest of the world combined, but SSA’s education systems are not meeting current workforce needs.”

However, due to Angaza Elimu’s flagship innovative STEAM, an increase in productivity can occur.

“With STEAM we are stepping in to provide students the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce and as entrepreneurs who can lead to an increase in productivity and drive economic growth.”


Angaza Elimu through the Eyes of Students, Teachers and Parents

Once you start scrolling through Angaza Elimu social media accounts you will notice very positive comments from the people who are benefiting from it. Muuo shares with us some feedback gained from the surrounding circle who benefit from his platform.


Biology Lesson
Biology Lesson


“Angaza Elimu has helped me improve my test scores in Math. I used to score 52% in grade 6 but now in grade 8 I am averaging a score of 88%.” – Vivian Nasieku, Student

“My students love it! It really challenges them to master the concepts. Angaza Elimu has helped fill in the learning gaps. The analytics have reduced our administrative burden. Parents love the reports and the communication.” –Philip Merian, Teacher, Sunrise School of Africa

“As a parent I am happy that I can track my child’s performance and help them improve their test score by tutoring them while at home. “ – Janice Mutheu, Parent.


It Takes Resilience and Great Passion

Everything considered, Muuo has a message for all innovators out there working hard to make an impact on society.

“There are no easy answers in building a powerful venture, but it all takes resilience and great passion,” he asserts.

You can like Angaza Elimu on Facebook @angazaelimu, as well as follow Muuo on Twitter @kikomuuo.

Having in mind this inspiring story about youth activism and its positive impact in the community, we will travel more than 6, 000 kilometers from Kenya to Bangladesh and see how the 22 year-old, Ifreet Taheea is changing the community by raising $10, 000 for local families.


Photos: Angaza Elimu

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