Open Call for Journalists and Content Media Creators

Youth Time International Movement is officially inviting journalists, vloggers (YouTube and TikTok), media creators, and all young media enthusiasts to apply for Youth Time International Movement’s next event to be held in at the end of this summer  ‘Media Information and Literacy’, which will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from the 27th August to the 2nd September 2021. The deadline to apply is 10th July 2021. 


What is the event ‘Media Information and Literacy’ about?


Media Information and Literacy (MIL) is an exponentially growing field and topics ranging from disinformation to regulation to free speech and conspiracy theories are inescapable in day-to-day life. 

Understanding and utilising media literacy is imperative for navigating the widening expanse of information available.

This field is especially relevant given the sheer amount of conspiracy and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 and the vaccine, showing the need for education for not just media professionals but everyone with access to the internet. 

We will bring together 50 individuals and eight NGOs from all around Europe to do just that, through workshops, presentations, masterclasses, and more from top experts in the field. 

This Erasmus+ event is aimed at educating and empowering young workers and prospective young workers to use media literacy skills to empower and educate others. 

Directly, Youth Time International Movement will impact more than 45 participants, but indirectly, we aim to impact hundreds through the spreading of information and skills gained throughout the event. 

By supporting the goals of this event, Erasmus+ will help promote and uplift young people from around Europe to participate fully and train the next generation of young workers through education and hands-on experiences by participating in workshops, masterclasses, and cultural excursions. 


Who can apply to the journalists and media enthusiasts call?


All people between the ages 18 and 35 are welcome to apply if they are:

  • Storytellers
  • Bloggers
  • Vloggers
  • Youtubers
  • TikTokers
  • Influencers
  • Online freelance reporters
  • Anyone who works as a journalist or content creator in the media industry from around the world.


What are the main criteria for all?


Everyone who is applying must accept a commitment to produce at least four media pieces in total, both before and after the event “Media information and literacy”.

Examples of media promotions from previous years can be found on the page In The Media

We are expecting one article per media profesional at least during the event as a live update.

One article prior, two articles during the event, and one after. They must also possess fluent English communication skills, both written and verbal.

We will choose media experts according to their impact, content quality, the number of followers and actual influence. Will be contacted only those who would be chosen to take a part into this event. 


Additional criteria for journalists:


  • Current employment in national or international media (newspaper, magazine, news agency, TV, radio, or news portal).
  • Freelancers, owner of their own media channel: YouTube, TikTok, Blog.


How to Apply?


Journalists will be asked to provide the following: 

  • Filled in the online application form;
  • Examples of previous works;
  • A letter of support from an editor or newsroom manager endorsing the journalist’s participation in the program and support for publishing, posting and/or broadcasting the journalist’s coverage of the conference. Or a proof that the media channel is yours. 


Additional criteria for freelance media enthusiasts:


  • To have active and regularly updated social media accounts, blog platform etc.; (Please provide accounts with your application)
  • Significant experience in creating multimedia content and a deep understanding of what makes a good online story.
  • Very good experience in video editing and video making. 


Freelance media enthusiasts will be asked to provide the following:




Fully and partially funded reporting fellowships will be offered for those who will be selected to take part in the event.

Fully funded fellowships will cover: travel to and from Belgrade, accommodation, meals, programme including informal activities and transportation during the event. 

Partially funded fellowships will not include reimbursement for travel to Belgrade.

Local journalists are welcome to apply too!


How to get selected?


Selection for the fellowships will be based on the professional qualifications and/or relevant experiences such as demonstrated interest in the topic of the event ‘Media Information and Literacy’. 

Young journalists and bloggers are invited to take part in the event to hone their reporting skills.

During the event, you can dive into the professional working environment of an international event and create write-ups from various workshops and masterclasses, interview prominent guests, as well as benefit from the great networking opportunities offered by Youth Time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Photos made by Frank Spindelaar 


If you want to know more about Youth Time International Movement’s activities, check out their YouTube channel.

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