Online Apps Launched to Transform Careers Advice for Students

We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events. This time we speak about new apps which will help students to make better choices about unviersity degrees, growing addiction to instant gratification among youth, and two students who scammed Apple for almost 1 million USD.

Two US students of Chinese origin will face jail for false warranty claims

Two Oregon college students are facing jail after allegedly raking in $895,800 an iPhone scam, reports Dailymail.

Yangyang Zhou and Quon Jiang have sent over thousand fake iPhones to Apple claiming they were faulty. After that they were selling real devices online. Documents state Zhou used 216 warranty claims, Jiang did 3,069.

Now Zhou faces 5 years in prison and get a $10,000 fine for making false or misleading claims. Jiang could be locked-up for 30 years and get $2million in fines accused of trafficking in counterfeit goods and wire fraud.

Mental health expert believes, that many issues faced by teenagers can be traced to technology

A member of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust Sam Tyrer who supporting young people to maintain good mental health in an interview to Lancashire Post claimed, that  many of the issues being faced by teenagers today can be traced to technology.

He pointed out, that games and social networks bring rather big challenges to children and teenagers. «Young people become addicted to instant gratification from a young age. Parents chuck them a phone or tablet to play games on and those games teach them that you don’t really need to work to get a reward. The next thing, they are getting a dopamine hit by posting a photo on-line and attracting likes. They are not setting goals and challenging themselves – so they have no resilience», explains Tyrer who is also a founder of Change Talk, the organization which deliver educational talks, workshops and events focusing on mental health.

Various studies around the world have shown that the correlation between the occurrence of mental disorders and the use of the Internet is most common if the internet is used daily for more than 4 hours. However, what is additionally scary is that this phenomenon is also observed in studies that have followed not only adolescents, but also people older than 30 years.

Online Apps Launched to Transform Careers Advice for Students

Students will perhaps be able to have a better understanding of their future career paths through new online apps, which could help them to make better choices about where and what to study.

Universities Minister Chris Skidmore in the UK presented two innovative apps, created by the winners of a Government competition receiving around £150,000 funding each, which set out simple and accessible information about graduate outcomes for prospective students.

One is AccessEd offers students a ‘personalised digital assistant’ bringing together data on universities, courses and financial outcomes that are easy to explore and compare. Another one is The Profs – a game for students to simulate different graduate career paths to help them make better choices about their future.

Both apps are now available in beta version, operating with the latest information on universities in the UK.

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