Brain Exercises That Really Work

Brain exercises can be seen as just as important as physical exercises. Here, we give you the best ways to improve your brain function that really works.

Our brains are the one thing that set humans apart from other animals. It is our intelligence that allows us to explore outer space, find cures to diseases and connect us to other humans via technology.

Just like other parts of the human body, training our brain can help keep it sharp and functioning at its prime capacity.


Various Brain Activities

There is no one way to train our brain because it does so many different things.

For example, the reason that more complicated math is taught to us in school isn’t necessarily for practicality.

Learning to solve equations, geometric sequences and calculus may not benefit most of us on a practical basis. However, they teach us to think in a brand new way.

This is why practising math is a great way to train your brain. But it is not the only one.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are not only a popular pastime, they are also a great way to boost that brain function.

Jigsaws are great because they exercise both sides of your brain at once because they combine logic and creativity.

Bill Gates admitted that he loves to puzzle in his free time and it’s no wonder why he is so good at it! 

Another perk of puzzles is that they are great for short-term memory. Doing puzzles actively reinforces connections between brain cells.

Working on them can actually improve mental speed and help you remember short-term memory tasks such as what you had for lunch the other day. 

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Piece Out: Puzzles are a favourite of Bill Gates

Finally, puzzles are a great way to improve your visual-spatial reasoning.

Jigsaws require you to look at individual pieces and think about how they fit together into the big picture.

Doing this regularly can help you with a variety of daily tasks such as parking, dancing, driving and so much more!

For example, take this WAVES puzzle from Cloudberries! Not only is it professionally-designed by an artist but it is also a unique take on the trendy gradient-themed jigsaws. It’s the perfect activity not just to develop your creativity and problem solving skills but also to unwind and have fun!


Study a New Language

There are various studies that show that being bilingual can make your brain stronger.

Learning a new language requires a lot of brainpower, so the process of studying is naturally a great brain exercise.

It helps you have a better memory because you need to remember the words for various things in more than one language. 

Other benefits of learning a new language are improved visual-spatial skills, higher levels of creativity, and it even helps with multitasking.

There is even evidence that it can help delay the onset of age-related mental decline.

According to the research, it doesn’t matter when in your life you decide to learn a new language. It will always be beneficial for your mental functions.


Take a Dance Class 

When most of us consider training our brains, we think of being hunched over textbooks or typing away at a computer.

However, physical activities, in general, are great for the brain because they increase blood flow and oxygen. This is why taking a walk can help you feel more alert and help you think.

Dancing takes this to the next level. Learning steps to a specific dance, coordinating with a dance partner and moving in rhythm to the music not only improves brain function but it also boosts memory.

It is also great for spacial memory which is an important cognitive domain.


Brain Training Apps

It can be a good idea to use an app to incorporate daily brain training into your routine. Lumosity is an example of an app that has a limited free version.

It allows you to play regular games that help activate various brain functions. The paid version has a wider variety of games and functions if you eventually need more from the app.

The perks of using games is that it makes different types of brain activities more fun.

Lumosity mixes math, vocabulary and much more. Having a quick daily game can also make it easier to make brain exercises easier to fit into your busy schedule.

You can play these games during your public transportation commutes, bathroom breaks, etc.

So many people go to the gym to work out their body, but few of us consciously train our brain. However, our brain is the single most important organ in our body.

It distinguishes us from other animals and makes us able to do spectacular things, such as use your smart device to read this article. Incorporate brain exercises into your daily routine to keep your brain sharp and thriving.

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