8 Signs That You Need to Start Looking for a New Job

Have you ever found yourself suddenly unhappy at your job and willing to do just about anything to find a new one? You didn’t just wake up one day and start feeling that way. Job dissatisfaction grows over time and if you can catch the early signs of it, you’ll be much more likely to leave your job on good terms.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), about 3 million workers quit their job each month. There’s no reason to stay in a job you’ve outgrown or simply dislike, sometimes, people wait too long to realized that their current job is no longer a good fit and it can have negative consequences on their professional and personal life.

So how do you know when it’s finally time to search for a new job? There are several red flags you must watch out for, when these signs start popping up it is time to make a serious assessment of where you are in your career and where you want to be. Here are the eight signs that it’s time to take the plunge.


You No Longer Feel Challenged

Employees can hit a plateau, if you have been in the same position for the past three to five years, you can complete your work in your sleep. If you’ve learned everything you can, and you feel overqualified for your job and have hit the ceiling your career may be stalled. Try asking your boss for something new or for more challenging projects. If they can’t offer you more stimulating projects, consider exploring external opportunities. A new job will help you learn new policies, procedures, and cultures. 


The Thought of a New Job Excites You

There’s something about your instincts that is always true. So, if your smile really broadens and your heart starts to move a little faster at the idea of a new job, you should know the love you had for your old job is dead or dying and if your excitement is sparking up for something else you should trust your gut and switch to a job search mode.


Your Well-Being Is at Risk

According to a Gallup report, employees who are suffering in their lives, are about twice as likely to change jobs than those who were thriving. Employees in senior roles are likely to suffer high levels of burnout. This is because managers have loads of responsibilities which often make them stress out and negatively affect their physical or mental health. 


The Salary Isn’t Getting Any Better

If you are underpaid and overqualified, that’s a red flag. Perhaps you’ve asked for a raise a couple of times and have been put off, and, likely, you are not going to get any raise anytime soon. When you struggle to live on your salary and know you will earn more at another place it is time to start a job hunt.


There Are No Promotional Opportunities

The primary reason that people leave their jobs is for career advancement. Do you constantly wonder whether you have stayed at your job for too long? If you are continually passed over for a promotion despite being a top performer, that is a red flag. If a change of position or new responsibilities is not possible and there are no opportunities for growth, you may want to consider seeking opportunities with greater advancement for growth.


Your Work Performance Is Starting to Suffer

Do you notice that your enthusiasm for your job has significantly reduced and that your job performance has some definite room for improvement? Are you getting negative feedback often, and constantly feel bored at delivering your work? These are major signs. You can either have a discussion with your boss, and find a resolution, or else you can be fired and that can tarnish your image. If your enthusiasm is extremely low and often your conversation is dominated by complaints about work and no resolution can help it is ideal for you to start looking elsewhere for another job.


Your Work Isn’t Appreciated

According to a study by OC Tanner, 79 percent of workers who quit their jobs mentioned that a lack of appreciation was a key cause for leaving. Doing phenomenal work without being acknowledged or appreciated for it can be demotivating. You end up not giving your best or delivering half-hearted work. If you are receiving such treatment at your workplace, it is right about time to find a new job where your work will be valued.


You Are Having Boss or Colleague Problems

Working with people who operate differently is normal and part of corporate life. However, if you find yourself constantly running into issues and disagreements that make getting work done difficult, with either your manager or colleagues, it may be time to switch your job space. It’s better to leave a job on good terms to keep your past employer as a source for recommendations and a networking connection. It is ideal to leave gracefully than to be fired for bad conduct.


Have you spotted any of these signs in your career life? Do any of the red flags sound familiar? If they do, it may be time to reevaluate your employment situation. Don’t just quit, take the time to strategize all your possible options and moves. Do you need to switch roles, or departments or change your job entirely? It can be hard to discern between short-term discontentment and deep-seated unhappiness with your work, but when these significant signs are staring you in your face, trust your guts and take a bow on your work.



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