Start-ups in Romania: 7 Most-Innovative

Being aware that the phrase 'has a fast-growing start-up scene' may sond very soon kind of mainstream, still we have to use it - because the reality it's like that. The concept of entrepreneurship has changes, so the current of start-ups and entrepreneurs we get to know nowadays, aren't keen just to do some business, get the money and bye bye. So, considering this trend of entrepreneurs, we all agree that this is a new thing happening around us, and Romania has joined the 'club' it's true that there is a fast-growing and dynamic startup scene. And start-ups and inventions for Romanians aren't a new thing, they  invented the fountain pen, the modern jet engine, discovered insulin and much more. But, as the whole concept of this articles isn't really meant to classify or list the 'best start-ups' it is more a list  dedicated to promote innovative startups around the world, that promise to inspire other people from different countries. 

The list of the best start-ups in Romania


1. 123ContactForm

123ContactForm offers you a user-friendly web form builder that allows you to create contact forms, order forms, feedback forms, surveys and virtually any kind of web forms. 123ContactForm combines the pleasure of creating web forms with the usefulness of gathering data.

Start-ups, Romania


2. Freshome

Freshome: Sharing the most inspiring finds from the world of interior design, art, architecture, and lifestyle. The primary focus of this design publication is to give you the inspiration to make your home more beautiful, organized, and healthy. We believe that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world.

3. Readie

Readie helps you discover and borrow books from people nearby. Book by book you can create your own virtual library and let others browse through it. You can let them borrow some of the books that brightened up your day and as karma works you might also find the top titles from your personal reading list.

Readie, Romania


4. FaceRig

FaceRig is an upcoming program enabling anyone with a webcam to digitally embody any character they want. For now, they are focusing on just the portrait, but the aim of this start-up is to do more in the future.


5. Tin Tag

The first rechargeable tracking device, if you are wondering what this tiny object can do?  Tintag keeps track of your lost or misplaced items with the help of Tintag app it can end a tiresome game of hide and seek in seconds.

6. Omnipaste

Omnipaste is a clipboard manager in the cloud and works like your short-term memory. Copy & Paste between your devices. In the Cloud. Omnipaste comes with seamless integration with your operating systems. You will continue using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Start-up in Romania, omnipaste

7. coPrinted

This start-up is seeking to bridge the gap between technology and creativity, they have created a place for instant access to high-quality, highly customizable printables. They believe that their service will serve as a great tool for any level of DIY-er.

Start-up in Romania

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