You Want To Eat Healthy? Modern Technology Can Help You!

Nowadays, wherever we look, we see that almost every aspect of our lives has been overtaken by information technology. How can new applications in the field of mobile technology help us to live and eat healthier?

How to eat healthy? There are multiple applications for weight loss that are associated with fitness and regular jogging. But what should you do if you can’t afford to spend time going in for sports?

In that case, the program Eat Fit Free (IOSAndroid) would be useful to you. It will estimate your daily calories requirement and offer you several diet plans, based on its calculations.

As soon as you choose a plan, it will compose a proper daily menu. Moreover, it will allow you to display a picture of every dish and check out its ingredients and recipe.

This application also sends automatic notifications about mealtimes and the necessity to follow a water drinking schedule.

The application was obviously created for busy people because it can create a shopping list on the basis of the daily menu. Advertisements and paid diets are the drawbacks to this application.

So, having used the first program, we’ve reached a store. What’s next? A simple but very descriptive application called Food Additives (IOS, Android) will be of further help to us.

In this app we find a list of all known food additives (code E). It has an extraordinarily helpful feature which consists of the option of searching for an additive by its name, since a lot of manufacturers have begun to put the names of chemicals on the cover in order not to put off customers by an abundance of the letter E.

Thanks to Food Additives, I have found out that the bread that I usually buy contains a preservative that is considered suspicious and can cause allergies, although it is permitted in the EU.

This application also contains a fully detailed description of each additive. Generally, it is very convenient.

Advertising and a slightly slow response to the touch of the button for the required additive can be considered as the only downsides.

The application My Diet Diary (IOS, Android) was created for people who want innovative informational technologies to infiltrate their lives even more deeply.

It will allow you to customize your weight loss or weight maintenance program, estimate the right level of physical activity, such as types of exercises and their influence on your weight, and calculate your daily calorie intake.

Apart from options that are rather common in similar applications, My Diet Diary will facilitate the input of information regarding food that you consume because it can scan a barcode.

The program automatically analyses the type of food and its nutritional value.


As for the advanced IT geeks, they will probably enjoy an application called Lark. It is not fundamentally different from other similar applications – it can calculate calorie intake and expenditure, make out schedules for drinking water and sleeping – but it also has few innovative functions.

You can communicate with the program on your own, and it will report on your health status, provide advice, and increase your motivation. Moreover, it is possible to communicate with this application using smart watches from leading manufacturers.

You don’t have to browse this app for a long time to find the food you ate for lunch.

All you have to do it to communicate with your “lark” and give it all the necessary information using your voice.

This article about how to eat healthy was originally published in Youth Time print edition, 32nd issue. Click here to check the content of the issue, subscribe here, purchase one issue here.

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