University of Birmingham Student Organizes Global Hackathon

In this week’s news roundup we speak about safety net policy adopted by Cambridge, University of Birmingham student’s global “hackathon” and false April Fools’ Day announcement that tricked Wisconsin students.

Safety net policy adopted by Cambridge

Varsity reports that Cambridge University adopted safety net policy for all final year undergraduate students. All students who take their exams in the next term will not receive a class mark lower than what they achieved in the last year. This policy comes after other universities such as Exeter, Warwich and Edinburgh adopted similar measures. The University also informed all those students who will not be able to take exams due to the current crisis that a second round of exams will be organized.

University of Birmingham student organizes global “hackathon”

University of Birmingham reports that their student, Will Russell, coordinates a huge global initiative. Hackers around the world work together to combat issues during the ongoing pandemic. Hack Quarantine, as Russell calls it, consists of over 2,500 members worldwide. He stated in the article: “By working with medical professionals and industry, we’re providing knowledge and tools to empower hackers to work towards improving health, remote working and helping vulnerable populations.”

April Fools’ Day joke confuses Wisconsin students

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that false announcement has been shared, where still unknown Internet troll, has scared Wisconsin students with the news that they will have to repeat the current grade next year. The fake news was posted on one of the state’s biggest newspaper (Journal Sentinel) Twitter page. Wisconsin Association of School Boards even had to issue a statement in order to mark it as false. Dan Rossmiller, director of government relations for the association, said: “Apparently, Gov. Evers’ office was flooded with calls.”

 Photo: Shutterstock / edit: Martina Advaney

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