Top 5 Instagram Accounts You Need in your Feed to Boost your Sense of Well-being

Luckily, we can choose what we see in our social media feed. Here are my top five choices of accounts to boost your sense of well-being!

There are a few positive ways to use social media, whether as a user or an influencer. People are often using online platforms to post content related to wellness, trauma, healing, and therapy! Quite often, upon seeing a few posts, it feels like they’re talking to you – that they’re referring to your experience, childhood, bad day, and life dilemmas. And their messages tend to cool you down, just like a soft, calming voice of a friend you’ve needed for a little while.

At least, this has been my experience, with a few pages I follow on Instagram.


1. We The Urban

When I was talking about posts that feel completely, utterly personal, I was talking about We The Urban. This page is amazing! Their content makes you feel like you simply need to take a breath, acknowledge your experiences, and that good thing will happen – through patience. As it says in their bio, We the Urban posts “Celebrate self-love, inclusivity, & marginalized voices, and have proven to boost personal power by 1000%”.




2. The Holistic Psychologist

Dr. Nicole LePera is the Psychologist behind The Holistic Psychologist. Her posts are indeed holistic, as they aspire people to heal through embracing their past experiences and to continue consciously creating better, more self-aware versions of themselves. Her posts even include videos and improvised scenarios of how our boundaries are often violated through our daily interactions and ways we can better manage our temper during these situations.



3. Millenial Therapist

Sarah Kubrick, also known as the Millennial Therapist, is highly influential in what she does and the impact she has managed to have, even online. On her website, Sara shares that her interest in psychology stems from her personal experience living through wars, navigating complex relationships, and continually learning what it means to be human. And you can tell the personal touch in the guides and posts she publishes and in the tips she offers.




4. Poets