Things You Need to Know Traveling Europe as a Student

Traveling around Europe as a student has its perks. From discounts to free entrances, here is all you need to know about traveling in Europe as a student.

If you are wondering what is the best time to explore Europe, then the answer is — definitely during your student years or up to the age of 26. The reason behind it is very simple — the majority of the attractions and travel companies offer discounts and special deals for students, in some cases for non-students as well if you are under 26. Here is the list of some of the main discounts and deals that you should know about if you plan to travel as a student in Europe any time soon.


International Student Card

First things first, in order to take advantage of the majority of discounts offered to students, you will have to show proof, or in other words, you need a student card that is recognized by the country you are visiting. While some places might recognize the student card that you get from your home university, it is always a good idea to have an international student card that will guarantee the validity of your student status.

One of the most popular choices that are widely recognized all around Europe and beyond is the ISIC card. You can easily order an ISIC card in your country of residence by contacting the local ISIC issuing institutions. The price of the card varies, however, it will not cost more than $25 and it will be valid for one year. Best of all, the card provides additional student travel discounts that are only valid with this card.


Airfare Offers for Students

If you are a student that plans to spend a semester studying abroad via the Erasmus program, then you are in the luck. With Erasmus Student Network (ESN) card, which you can buy from your home university ESN office, you can get great deals on airfare for your Erasmus semester travels. For example, Ryanair offers a 10 percent discount on four one-way flights and a free 20kg check-in baggage during the academic year. AirBaltic offers flight tickets for youth up to 25 years old for a fixed price that includes a free 23kg check-in bag.


Other Transportation Discounts for Students

Asides from airlines, you can get impressive student discounts on bus and train travels in various countries around Europe. The best way to learn about the options is to research your desired destination and see what the official public transport offers for local students. Usually, those discounts are also applicable to foreign students with international student cards.

For example, in the Czech Republic, all intercity trains and buses offer an 80 percent discount for students which means you can easily travel across the country for as little as 2-5 euros. Similarly, the majority of the countries (Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, etc.) offer a 50 percent discount for all bus, and train travel within the country. For traveling between different countries, companies such as RegioJet, Flixbus, Lux Express, Eurolines, and more offer around 10-20 percent discount with a valid student ID on all routes. Eurail offer a 27 percent discount for youth up to 27 years old.


Free Entrances for Students

For the ultimate travel experience in Europe, you simply can’t skip some of the most iconic attractions that are well-known around the world. Although these attractions are usually quite expensive, fortunately, students get a unique opportunity to visit them at a reduced price or, in some cases, completely for free. The best way to go forward is to always check on official websites or ticket providers whether some of the attractions you want to visit offer discounts for students.

Museums in Spain, Germany, and other countries often offer free admission for students up to 25 years old. Best of all, sometimes you don’t even need to be a student to get a free entrance if you are under 26. For example, Paris gives EU residents under 26 free admission to the Pompidou, the Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, and Palais de Versailles. If not a free admission, you can most likely enjoy a reduced-price ticket with your student discount when entering most attractions or even some of the travel activities.


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