The Sounds of Colors

From the deep-rooted love of red to the chillness of orange. To the electrifying energy of yellow to the jealousy of green. The emotional intelligence of blue to the royalty of purple, color can describe a multitude of emotions. However, what other outlets can be used to describe emotions? Music! There is a huge correlation between color and music, and they both compliment each other effortlessly. Let us investigate the symbolism of the various colors of the rainbow and its musical offspring.

The painting of your life is created by vivid entities that defy all aspects of your masterpiece. These entities are characteristics through visual perception. The essence of color and its power does not just stop through the course of sight. Color can be a feeling. Color can be a way of describing the very essence of our emotions. It can trigger laughter, prompt tears of longing, and allow us to connect on a deeper spectrum with a loved one. Colors and music correlate in a harmonious style. Music allows the colors of the rainbow to come to life. The colors of the rainbow symbolize an array of musical genres and musical interpretations that can explain every emotion known to mankind!



Through its many symbolizing transformations, red exudes the essence of so many matters. Emotions in the form of enticing, hypnotizing, and the addictive trance of love is a deep, seductive, thick red that covers the ever-evolving organ of the heart. Anger sparks a neon red. A siren of danger that sinks deep into the pores of the humans’ inner earth. The gravel that creates our inner demons’ destructive barrier, begins to slowly deconstruct as anger fills our mind like a severe disease. Our blood shimmers of ruby red as it pulsates and provides fuel to the mind, body, and soul. It is through fractured ballads of electronic experimentation caped with the essence of rhythm and blues that is of London native “James Blake”, that summarizes red’s highly overwhelming emotional pull.

Listen to “Retrograde” by James Blake Now!



Let the sun touch your body through a sea of social anguish. As the sun melts upon your skin into a paradise of succulent heat and warmth, orange is among the descriptive depiction of earth’s best creation. It is through orange where it manifests a valley of contentment, nurtured by inner reluctant freedom and peace. Orange is like the sunset, drifting far away only caressing the body of earth. Orange is a tangy sensation of citrus. The sweet bitterness of understanding, smoothness, and chillness collectively transpire through, at times vibrant, color. Post funk and chill wave artist “Blood Orange” symbolizes nothing short of his name, through embodying the particular “orange” atmosphere.

Listen to “Dark and Handsome” by Blood Orange Now!




“A friend indeed. Come build me up. Come shed your light. It makes me shine.” Yellow is energy. Yellow is electric. Yellow defines the relationships in your life that creates a better tomorrow, and more importantly, a better you. It is through yellow, that our eyes are awaken to pure enlightenment. Through the bright awakening, realizations form through the recognition of loyalty, bravery, and honesty. The color is best defined through friendship. A bond that is so thick and hard as stone, not even the heavens or hell can break it. It is bonds between are closest friends where we feel clarity and welcomed. Yellow provides a base for all things secure instead of the devilish insecurities. Swedish American artist “Mapei” shines that bright yellow, hip hop soul light onto all friends and close confidant’s around the world!

Listen to “Don’t Wait” by Mapei Now!



What does it mean to feel green? Green can portray many perceptions through the naked eye. Green can sliver its scaley way into your brain like a cynical snake. The almost spineless notion of jealousy waits to clamp its fangs into the ill at heart through deception and envy. Green or ‘greed’ can drive a person completely mad, for example in form of money. It is through green that the emeralds shine above all stone compared to the many other beautiful minerals that gladly grace the earth. Although beautiful in color, do not let the sensuality of curiosity fool you. Japanese British singer, “Rina Sawayama” paints the world of green through all things materialistic.

Listen to “XS” by Rina Sawayama Now!



The social-driven melancholy notion of blue expands further from its sad exterior. Blue can embody the wit and cunning focus of emotional intelligence. It is blue that exudes a world of confidence and mysteriousness. As the sky is painted in light thinness of blue accents, the color almost thickens with emotional intuitiveness. It embodies sexual intelligence and sensual control. Blue can be the masters of all colors if provoked or challenged in a defiant nature. Experimental rhythm and blues duo group “Chloe x Halle” shows off the essence of blue in the track “Ungodly Hour”.

Listen to “Ungodly Hour” by Chloe x Halle Now!



Royal in design, purple shows nothing of weak demeanor. As your eyes collide with the reality and the emotional rollercoaster of imagination and fantasy, your mind fixates about tomorrow and the essence of a loved one. Compassion rains down hard on your thoughts. Purple is the gospel of all colors as it magnifies your faith and trust within life’s gravitational pull yet ever-changing structure. Purple symbolizes strength through the darkest of hour. That bravery that kicks you into shape to conquer another day, when the battles seem to be drawing to an unfortunate end. The royal majesty himself “Prince” describes the magical color effortlessly in one of my favorite songs ever!

Listen to “Purple Rain” by “Prince” Now!


With every color, there is a beautiful song. A song of expression and emotional pull is adjacent to colorful perception, simply portrayed through a different avenue. Wherever there is a rainbow, there is indeed a song.

Photo: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney

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