The Rising Need for Solidarity Among Women and How to Practice It

Quite frankly, solidarity among women was and continues to be key for a feminist revolution – among some other factors. But as things related to gender equality are going backward around the world the need for us to stand together is urgent.

Sadly, not all women around the world are able to define themselves as feminists. Some think that embracing this identity would scare off their friends, lovers, and relatives. So they decide to stay away from it, without really understanding that feminism is indeed inclusive of all women, men, friends, lovers, and relatives. Feminism is the key to having healthy and equal relationships with diverse women and men present in our lives, and we should all aim to identify as feminists or at least take baby steps to strengthen the movement, which aims to end sexism and oppression in all of its forms.

One of the most crucial steps, that we as women can take, whether we want to be known as feminists or not – is to be there for one another. Solidarity among all women, in their different circumstances, abilities, geographical locations, ethnicities, ages, and other traits which may as well be distinct to ours, remains a fundamental response toward patriarchy.

But how to do it? How to practice solidarity in our everyday lives?


Refrain from Judgemental and Negative Comments Toward Other Women

There’s really nothing easier than commenting on other individuals, women, and men. We may notice their achievements, and the lifestyles they lead, and we may not like them, so we think that this is enough material for us to bash them. Well, think again, especially when you’re about to judge women in your life. What will you gain from it? Are you sure you’re not really triggered, and that you’re projecting your insecurities through your negative comments? If this is the case, try to internalize your thoughts and do not speak them out loud. Think of how much you’ll be sparing other people, as well as yourself, by saying something good instead.

Help Other Women Out

It drains me every day, to see how women are not willing to help each other out, even in the most basic scenarios of our everyday lives. We know how hard it is for us to work, show up, raise our voices and stand out because of the social injustices and gender inequalities. If we know this reality to be true, and especially difficult for women, just help a girl out! Watch her kids as she enjoys a night out, inform other women about their rights, listen to their needs, bring them a cup of coffee, or lend them some money. Women need other women more than we think.


Empower & Lift Other Women Up

Some women are all about feminism until they have power and authority in their hands. Once they do, they think other people, especially other women are submissive, and they haunt them. According to certain feminist theories, these women act like this because they’re afraid of going back to a vulnerable state of being. That is why they use all sorts of power relations to actually remain in power. Please, try not to be like that! If you’re in a position to lift other girls up, do so. Encourage them to pursue their dreams, whatever those may be. Empower them by letting them know about the strength they reflect, and about the things they are able to do, only by believing in themselves. This way, you will also feel empowered and create solid connections with fellow sisters in your community.


Confront Jealousy and Envy for Other Women & Fight It

This pretty much relates to the need to refrain from bashing women that we know. When we see that our sisters are managing their lives in a powerful and balanced way, let’s try not to be jealous and question the ways they’re doing it but let’s praise them for their strength instead, and make it obvious, even out loud, just how much we admire them. I’m sure no woman has an easy time balancing work and personal life, especially mothers. So why not make their day by emphasizing just how great we think they are doing?


Understand & Trust Women

Our sisters around the world are in desperate need to be heard and to be trusted. As gender-based violence in different forms continues to remain prevalent throughout the world, we must understand the hardships women are facing. We must give them the space and freedom to open up, reassuring them that their stories will be well understood and trusted, primarily, by their fellow sisters, and with their help, by men and the communities they lead their lives in. You don’t even have to walk in their shoes, to trust them. Just listen to women and offer your comprehension.

As bell hooks once said: “Women do not need to eradicate difference to feel solidarity. We do not need to share common oppression to fight equally to end oppression.”


Photo: Artem Varnitsin/Shutterstock


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