The Educational Benefits of Pottery

For thousands of years, pottery has been around as a therapeutic art form. Creating something from our own hands, makes us feel truly satisfied.

Who thought that creating something from clay could be this good for the soul? The times where we used to only play with clay (sometimes eat it too when we were young) are now over. Pottery is a new form of self-care! So, if meditation or gym isn’t your thing, you might consider pottery classes as your number one option. While many of us are busy working or studying, we often tend to leave our mental and physical health behind and activities such as pottery art, can actually help us throughout our daily life. Here’s how: 

As someone who has worked in a ceramic’s studio, I was always looking forward to getting my hands dirty with clay. It felt like I had a “unique” connection between me and the earth. I was creating my favourite, leafy cup for coffee. I was captivated by the clay`s effect and its soothing qualities. It kept me engaged for hours in art making. As odd and unusual as it was, clay gave me a sense of accomplishment. My imagination took over and it gave me the ability to think outside the box— hence, create unique works of art! Here are some other benefits that pottery offers. 


Improving our Motor Skills 

Considering how attached we adults and children are with our phones and laptops, pottery classes can improve our motor skills by engaging our arms and hand muscles. Throughout the process, one understands how using our hands to create something can actually feel quite fulfilling.

Creating art

Once you join a pottery class, you will start feeling the smell of clay. Maybe it will be Raku or Terracotta clay. Children of any age can create pottery art based on their development stages and the safe and inspiring environment of a pottery class can grow healthy, smart, creative and educated young pupils.


Improving Self-esteem

You know how we all feel and look when we get something done? That self-pleased look we get, and the good feels of creating something, whether that something has flaws or not. Once you realize that you can make something that is this much fun from your own hands, you start gaining control over your amazing and unique little projects which can quickly turn into graceful results. Children grow up with the need of expressing themselves, may it be through colouring, writing or even creating three-dimensional objects with their own hands. Pottery helps them blossom creatively with the confidence to pursue their ideas in their head. You learn how to solve problems in a safe setting since there are no competitions or trophies in these classes. You can safely learn without pressure or solve problems without parents’ interference. 


Stress reducing 

For thousands of years, pottery has been around as a therapeutic art form. Creating something from our own hands, makes us feel truly satisfied. With our creative side, we explore and connect with ourselves more, as we hold on to details of the clay, doing our best to make a perfect piece of art that will make people’s lives a little bit jollier.  


Sometimes work, studies, or even exams can be a lot to handle. By doing pottery, you will forget about the stress and your problems for a short period of time. This is because while focusing on your art, you can allow your mind to relax and simply lose itself in the fragile, beautiful lines of the clay.

Living in the 21 century can be a bit frantic, sometimes it’s nice to switch off and zone out from the world, and pottery is truly ideal for this.  


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