The Best Websites to Take Online Courses for Your Career

Online learning has transformed the way we build our life, education, and careers. It's accessible, affordable, and helps boost our skills. If you are looking to pick up a new skill, but don’t feel like you have the time to go back to school, online courses are one of the surest ways to gain skills and acquire new knowledge. They’re shorter than a college semester, they’re self-regulated, and they cover every topic you can imagine.

The task of finding a course site that has what you are looking for can be tough, this frustration often leads to abandoning your quest of getting an online course. Let’s help you out, in this article is a compiled list of the best online course websites covering a range of topics including digital marketing, the art of makeup and fashion, graphic design, coding, personal development, marketing, business, photography, entrepreneurship, and much more that will help you in any chosen career field. Some are paid, others are free, and would be worth it. All you have to do is find the best course for you and start learning!



Alison has a wide range of free, comprehensive classes on diverse topics including technology, languages, science, financial literacy, personal and soft skills, entrepreneurship, etc. It is one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training and it targets all kinds of learners, from first-time beginners to professionals and freelancers. The courses are free, but the diplomas and certificates are not. So, if you are looking to have certificates for work or your resume, take note of that before getting started.



Udacity has a high focus on career advancement and provides the essential tools to succeed in your career. The website has a complete catalog that not only covers the skill but also provides classes on applying for jobs and interviewing. The platform offers free and paid online courses, there is no monthly subscription, but you must register as a user in other to get access to the platform. Udacity also offers interesting interview or career prep opportunities including meeting with career coaches, resume reviews, and more. It is a bonus that is in line with their mission to train the world’s workforce in the careers of the future.



Skillshare was designed with creatives in mind. It seeks to not only help users get inspired and learn new skills but also allow instructors to share their expertise and earn money. The platform has curated some of the best online classes specifically for innovators and creators. Some of these courses include photography, design, illustration, etc. Skillshare requires creating a premium account which comes with a free seven-day trial, after the trial period you pay an annual fee of $99 or $19 per month. You can keep a library of your classes and access your class history. The platform also has a user-friendly feature.



If you want to take college-type of courses without the high cost of college tuition, Coursera is your best option. This website offers amazing classes in all kinds of fields, the options are endless. And they’re all created and taught by professors at top institutions across the globe. Coursera gives you the ability to audit and check out thousands of classes for free or take the full class and earn a certificate at a cost, starting at $29. Definitely, one to check out.



A global marketplace for online learning and mastering new skills. Udemy allows you to choose from a massive and wide-ranging catalog of over 185,000 self-paced courses taught by expert instructors. They have courses both for students and experienced professionals. Courses are paid or free, depending on the instructor. Udemy courses are budget-friendly and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In their library, aside from paid courses, you’ll also find several free courses. Type in free courses in the search bar and you’ll get a list of more than 10,000 courses you can follow without having to pay.


Learning new skills is easier now with the plethora of online courses available on the internet that can help you advance in your career. You can study a course at your own pace and without having to attend a physical class or under strict supervision. All you need to do is dedicate some time and have a mindset ready to study then you are good to go. Check these sites out and thank us later!



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