The Best Train Journeys In The World Part Three

From Canada to South Africa, here is part three of our series in the best train journeys in the world. Which is your favourite?

Just as we’ve been writing about the best train journeys around the world, interesting news has been popping up in the international media about trains. 

It’s being reported that China has inaugurated its high speed electric train in the remote Himalayan region of Tibet. It moves as fast as 400km/hr. 

The other news was also about China that debuted the world’s fastest train which races along at 600km/hr. The train has been developed by the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation. 

We have already spoken about trains being more eco-friendly and offering not just more leg room but the opportunity to walk around. 

This week the good reason for train travel is that you don’t have to arrive at the train station two to three hours earlier, wait in long queues, take out your laptop, take off your shoes and go through the rest of the ordeal at the security check.

Now let’s look at more of the best trains and the best train journeys.


The Trans Mongolian Express

You will experience the vastness of Russia and China. This train operated by the Trans Siberian Express Company travels a huge distance of nearly 6,000 kilometres from Moscow to Beijing. 

The train has an operating speed of 360km/hr. and a maximum speed of 440 km/hr. On the way the train passes through Siberia, Mongolia and even the Great Wall of China which you will see from a distance. 

About the landscape that you will see? Well, it’s as varied as you can imagine. 


Rovos Rail

Talk about luxury travel by train, this one beats most as one of the most luxurious trains in the world. 

Before boarding you will be greeted in the lounge and the experience starts right here with a live band, champagne, canapes and more. 

Depending upon what you choose, you’ll be spending anything from two days to two weeks on the train having an excursion of a lifetime in the wood-panelled coaches across Africa. 

The cuisine is top class and will be accompanied with the best of South African wines. Enjoy the ride and let the scenery unfold.


Seven Stars Kyushu 

This is truly an artisanal train and really spacious. Just as many take a cruise ship for the experience of the journey alone on this cruise train you will not just have the experience of the journey but also the best of Japanese cuisine served in fine porcelain crockery that is handmade. 

Apart from the sheer enjoyment of the train and the journey, the four day, three nights that you will spend will take you on a circuit around the island of Kyushu and you will visit shrines, porcelain studios for which Kyushu is renowned and explore the quieter side of Japan. 


Canadian from VIA Rail

Another country that’s known for its vastness is Canada and the Canadian covers a distance of close to 4,500 kilometres in four nights and five days from Toronto to Vancouver. 

In addition to well-appointed lounges the train has the Panorama car and the windows go right up to the ceiling. 

On the way the train stops in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Jasper. You will take in the view of this great country which includes waterfalls and the Canadian Rockies. 


Rocky Mountaineer 

This is another journey in Canada which is truly an experience. Traveling only in the daytime at around 50km/hr. You will slowly pass through gushing rivers, gorges, the Canadian countryside, wildlife and all sights awesome. 

The train operates from April to October. June is the springtime in Canada when you’ll experience the glory of full blooms in the wild and snow capped peaks of the Rockies.

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