The Things That Tim Likes

Are you afraid of New Technologies? Imagine, what could happen if our brains become a currency for big commercial giants.

The Spirit of the Time

Sometimes even ideas that seems prominent, have a "devastating effect" on humanity in the end. Read our newest comics strip "The Spirit of the Time".

Monkey Memory

Have you ever wonder why young people are often more innovative and with ageing abilities to create usually suffer from decline? The five monkeys experiment or it’s interpretation made by our contributor Matt Elliott will…

Bloody-Minded Professor

It is very important to keep in mind the experiences one learns a lesson from. But it is even more important to remember that you are not the only one who…

A Second Chance for Alex

Our life is tragically short. So how to live it to the fullest? Work hard or party hard? To go out of comfort zone or to stay in peace? Read the story…

Robot Journalists and New Reality They Will Make

Imagine that journalism is no longer prerogative of human work. Machines are writing news, printing papers and shooting reports. Making daily analysis of information, robots have learned to predict the future. What…

The Women Who Made The Impossible Being Possible

Do you still think that female gender is the weak one? Read than our new comics strip dedicated to the International Women's Day. It’s a story of Amelia Mary Earhart, an American aviation pioneer. She…

Rare Species

The world without men! What would it be like? And what will happen if two female scientists will suddenly find the last male-individual on Earth? Read  new comics created by Youth Time.

The Magic Of Hope

Have you ever wonder how important is hope in our lives and how powerful this attitude actually is? Read short drama comics created by Youth Time.

The Digital Puppets

In Youth Time, we are always striving to evolve and come up with different ways and formats of delivering our ideas to you, dear readers. Recently, we've decided to try ourselves…