Songs to Cure Heartbreak

In the core of every being, there lives a fragile heart. That heart is bound by memories and hopeful morning paired with wishful nights. Within every heart, there is a stable part, where all of your true passions, ambitions, and perceptions of a beautiful world rests for sleep. Now, reader, you must know of this inner place. You embark on its epic journey every time you feel that warmth of contentment and happiness. However, what happens when your heart is shattered into a million pieces, and love was the bullet? These songs will be your band-aid as I shed some light on songs that can get you through a breakup. 

The pain of heartbreak almost seems much louder than the physical deconstruction of the body. The mind and soul hurt just as bad. And through this tough sickness of heartbreak, the pains do not warn us, like its sister’s happiness and or anger. This pain is best described through music, romantic movies set in the 1800s and ice cream. A ton of ice cream! I am a sucker for classics. In previous years, it seems that the artists would pour their soul out in songs that just hit our spirit so much differently! We are brought up in a world that preaches for us to contain our emotions. That nervousness of meeting someone as spiraling attraction maneuver its way across two individuals, shouldn’t be frown upon or taken for granted. It does, however, open up a gate of future sadness. There is extreme power when it comes to relationships. You think about building a future with that specific person being in every picture, every avenue, and every bed you lay your head upon. The song “Missing you” by “John Waite” portrays this resistance almost effortlessly.

Listen to “Missing you” by John Waite now!

“Use to be that I believed in something. Use to be that I believed in love, it’s been a long time since I had that feeling. I could love someone; I could trust someone.”

Performed originally by gospel and rhythm and blues singer, “Pattie LaBelle” the songstress “Celine Dion” paints a lovely and powerful rendition about the willingness and effort it takes while being in love.  Locked down in the center of heartbreak, is an energetic battery waiting to be charged. Within relationships, we can sometimes lose the essence that makes us special. How can the independent become so dependent in a flash of a rapid second? Those insecurities come to the surface like feeding time at the aquarium. Oh, how love can create a weeping city bounded by unpredicted fate and wholesome futures. There is a part of the break up where hesitation may sink in. Wanting your lover back for all the wrong reasons. This song depicts that notion for me as the chorus mutters.

“If you asked me to, I just might change my mind, and let you in my life forever.”

Listen to “If you ask me to” by Celine Dion Now!


Music Is the Best Medicine

But like any other parts of the body, the heart needs fuel. The heart needs food and love is its favorite cuisine. The heart can become malnourished if it yearns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The song “Motion Sickness” by “Phoebe Bridgers” expresses the emotional ride of heart settlement upon another.

“I’m on the outside looking through. You’re throwing rocks around your room. And while you’re bleeding on your back in the glass. I’ll be glad that I made it out. And sorry that it all went down like it did.”

The song brings yearning anger toward a relationship departure. The melody just hits your heart like a ton of bricks, but allows you to “surrender to the sound”. I love the depiction of heartbreak in the music video. There is this level of confidence with her emotions that empowers the listener with understanding. This song of relating nature needs to find a proper place on your heartbreak playlist.

Listen to “Phoebe Bridgers” Motion Sickness Now!

The eyes are glued to the window, as you discover parts of your view, you never have seen before. And through that puzzled vision or sight of the unseen, you begin to fall into the idea of ‘What if’. What if I did say the things I said? What if they were different? Would things be the same or better? This ripple effect of love depression causes the heart to melt. To slowly unwind and to tragically lose its epic form. There is a hysterical and almost crazy uneasy feeling one gets through a breakup. In the song “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by the heart-stopping band, “The Police”, definitely create this bipolar atmosphere of sadness through melancholy verses and pre-chorus, but then the chorus just picks up in a way that makes you feel so crazy, yet it works so well!

Listen to “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by The Police Now!

Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” is a classic. Throughout the years the song has painted many different parts of love’s epic journey. In my perspective, the song is actually quite sad. For me, the message centers around longing and how the dependability of someone is completely shattered when they are gone. This particular live version gets me every time, as Cyndi’s voice paints that sincere imagery.

Listen to “Time after time” by Cyndi Lauper now!

If you lie in your bed of sorrow and whispered regrets, these songs will make the mountains of your break up come crashing down in an epic battle to find solid ground. The truth or the heart of the matter is that the tears have to fall. Fall in a way where there isn’t holding anything back. We shelter are diluted hazy eyes because vulnerability is deemed weak or not profound. These artists and songs are the perfect soundtracks for a heartbreak.

Reader, I know a break up can feel like the world is circling down to a petal of darkness with no end in sight. However, music is the cure. Through music, I believe this medication is proven to give your heart the relief it so desperately deserves. So, if that fateful day will come, these songs will be your guide.

Photos: Shutterstock / Edited by: Martina Advaney

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