Six Easy Eco-Friendly Switches For Your Routine

Here are some easy eco-friendly switches to contribute to saving the planet as we all become more environmentally friendly.

When the first Earth day was marked, in 1970, 22 million Americans celebrated clean air, land, and water. We’re now in 2021, and our waters are filled with plastic, our air is filled with pollution and our lands are far away from clean. 

Although there is a wider debate on social (and corporate) responsibility, it seems like discipline and empathy towards the earth remains very low. 

I guess this is because we are waiting for a fairy godmother to come and save us, instead of taking the responsibility to do something individually, to save our planet. 

We demand for policies to be changed, for governments to take action and for movements to become more vocal. But really, how much are we doing ourselves? 

We are quite aware that the accumulation of small choices can lead to a huge amount of pollution, waste, and chemical burden reduction. So why not start doing something, as small as that something may be.

Personally, I do not do much. I shop with my own tote bag, instead of getting plastic bags. I do not leave the water running for too long. I am reducing the amount of meat I eat (still not a vegetarian, sadly).

 So as I walk through the journey of becoming more socially responsible, I will share with you some of the eco-friendly tips I am encountering, to become a more eco-friendly person at least minimally. 


Water Bottles 

We all need to stay hydrated, and the day does not go by without drinking water does it? I sure hope so, because dehydration is your enemy. 

So instead of buying plastic water bottles, buy your own reusable water bottle. Just imagine the number of plastic water bottles/ plastic water glasses you’re avoiding. Amazing!


Reusable Bag

I mentioned that I carry a small tote bag with me when I shop. It’s a lifesaver, and it can be folded, to not occupy much space. I used to have a shelf in my kitchen, filled with plastic bags, that no longer exists. That is one small eco-friendly baby step I’m proud of.


Go Vintage

Good thing that vintage has become trendy right? Or not, because it has grown more expensive. 

However, to become eco-friendly, buy used clothes or simply buy less clothes. But if you are going to shop, look for more natural fibres – like cotton over polyester. 

These materials feel amazing and they are not made of microfibers which go into our water and into marine life when we wash our clothes.


Check What You Eat

I mentioned that I personally am not a vegetarian just yet, although I am to become one now and I’m gradually making changes in my eating. Out of seven days a week, consider a more plant-based diet five out of seven. 

More than that, support your local farmers market instead of buying food from distant countries, the quality of which you are not sure of. 

Supporting low-scale food agriculture is quite an environmentally friendly step to make.


Ditch Big Brands

Unless you are sure that they promote and cultivate sustainable values. Brands that are super famous, are commonly known for exploiting workers from around the world, and do not have sustainable labor policies set in place. Buy from a brand you know!


Fire Up The Kindle

I know, it bugs me too. It’s not the same as holding an actual book in your hand, the scent of old paper, and the feeling you get. But hey, Kindle equals Zero waste! Consider it, if you can manage!

Online shopping can also be one way to be eco-friendly. Here is why you should resist those purchases:

Five Reasons to Resist Online Shopping

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