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To do something great and succeed in any area is not an easy task. Be it starting a new business, working in an exciting field or making a breakthrough in medicine or science. Helpful words of advice from the succesful ones are always welcome. Here´s what they have to say.

Dr. Stanley Krippner – Professor of psychology at Saybrook University

Today’s world contains both hazards and opportunities for young people to be successful.  I would urge them to focus on realistic goals and to work hard to achieve those goals.  In many parts of the world, young people live desperate lives because of starvation, terrorism, and abuse.

Religious organizations, charities, and non-govermental agencies are reaching out to be of assistance. Young people from more affluent countries need to volunteer their assistance so that the next generation of leaders has opportunities to reach their potential as human beings.

Dr. Stanley Krippner / Photo: From archive of Dr. Stanley Krippner

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Mark Gordon – The CEO Of Odyssey Marine Exploration

I highly recommend that you pursue a career in something that you are passionate about. I have often heard it said that if you can make a career doing something that you are passionate about, you will never „work“ another day in your life.  Having spent the past 13 years making my career at Odyssey Marine Exploration, I now fully realize the truth of this wisdom of becoming successful.

Mark Gordon / Photo: Odyssey Marine Exploration

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Danielle Egnew – Psychic and Medium

Always lead with your best, no matter what that best is. Your best will change, from day to day, and that’s okay. None of us are perfect. The more we love ourselves and the more we are patient when we make mistakes, the more we will be forgiving of the humanity in other people.

Danielle Egnew / Photo: Rebecca Douglas Photography

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Thorsten Mowes – Project manager for the restorative cleaning projects in KÄRCHER Corporation

Traveling around the world is the best education. No teacher can educate you more than life itself. You will never and nowhere learn more about different cultures, politics, nature, religions, and people than by travelling. Take every chance you get to do it!

Thorsten Mowes / Photo: From archive From Archive of Kärcher and Thorsten Mowes

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Professor Robin Dunbar – “Dunbar Number”

Friendship is the most important thing in life: it has more effect on your happiness, health and how long you live than anything else – including all the medicines, exercise and anything else.

Professor Robin Dunbar / Photo: Photo: Andre Camara

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Cornelia Konrads – An artist 

Be aware, stay curious and independent! Don’t get too addicted to technical means and devices! Never forget that life is a mysterious and transient gift – and it’s basically analogue!

Cornelia Konrads / Photo: From archive From Archive of Cornelia Konrads

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Clement Boussard – CEO Stanley Robotics

Create your own startup , don’t be afraid to live your dreams and to believe in your ideas. Share them with others. Don’t be afraid to tell the world what you are going to do. Success is not in the idea but in the execution, and you are going to execute better than the others (because if you want to survive you have no other choice, actually). Don’t be afraid to fail, it is by failing that one learns to walk. And start today! Not tomorrow.

Clement Boussard / Photo: Stanley Robotics

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Professor Peter M. Grace – The department of Critical Care and Respiratory Care Research, University of Texas

Personally, my successes have often followed a series of failures, because I didn’t give up. I encourage readers to keep persevering towards their goals, especially through failure and disappointment.

Professor Peter M. Grace  / Photo: From archive From Archive of Professor Peter M. Grace

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Paul English – The CEO Of The New App Lola

The most important thing you will do as an entrepreneur is selecting your co-founders and hiring your first employees.

As to raising money – my first company was a video game company which I financed through my part-time work at a local store. Over time, with each success, I was able to raise more and more money for my companies. My advice for becoming succesfull is to start small – pick a goal you can achieve, and “crush it”. With each success, you should then raise the goal for your next project.

Paul English / Photo: From archive From Archive of  Paul English

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