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Receiving an award is not something that can be achieved in a day. After burning the midnight’s oil, one gets qualified to get nominated and receive a prize. This week, Youth Time Magazine has covered various awards in varied fields for the exemplary works that achievers have done.


UNWTO Awake Tourism Challenge

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Applications are open for UNWTO Awake Tourism Challenge 2022. The organization is looking for innovative start-ups working on achieving the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.



The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is holding the second edition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Startup Competition, now known as the UNWTO Awake Tourism Challenge. The program is in accordance with the mandate of promoting sustainable, responsible, and accessible tourism, its strategy on innovation, education, and investments, and its commitment to entrepreneurship. As a United Nations specialized agency, the UNWTO emphasizes the importance of promoting cross-cutting projects in which different economic sectors collaborate for a more significant impact. Its 160 Member States, six Associate Members, and over 500 Affiliate Members, who represent corporations, educational institutions, tourism associations, and local tourism authorities, form a strong network of public and private sector organizations working to make the world a more sustainable place.



The UNWTO has identified six categories that will be taken into consideration for the award.

  1. Local community involvement
  2. Green and blue economies
  3. Ecological and Sustainable Capital Creation
  4. Tourism Tech for Good
  5. Tourism Education
  6. Women Empowerment



Specifically, entrepreneurs and startups should meet the following criteria:

  • Be innovative and provide value-added solutions for the acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Be in the Early or Series A growth stage
  • Be scalable
  • Introduction or adoption of digital and technological elements
  • To have a potential for international growth
  • To have a tested pilot and business plan
  • To have a full-time team including at least two members under 35 years
  • Gender balance will also be considered
  • To be sustainability-driven



The last day to apply for the opportunity is June 30, 2022.


You can check out more about this opportunity here.



The University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator 2022 for Data-Driven Scaleups

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The University of Edinburgh AI Accelerator has opened its applications for 2022. The Bayes Center provides the AI Accelerator, The University of Edinburgh’s world-leading innovation hub for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, as part of the DDE Bayes Centre Innovation Pipeline, and Edinburgh Innovations, the University of Edinburgh’s commercialization service.



The Bayes Centre is the University’s data science and artificial intelligence innovation hub. The technical strengths brought together in Bayes build on the University’s College of Science and Engineering’s world-class academic excellence in the mathematical, computational, engineering, and natural sciences. The Bayes Centre provides a new type of collaborative, multidisciplinary proving ground where we develop innovative technological solutions for societal benefit. Over 400 internationally recognized scientists, outstanding Ph.D. students, leading industry experts, and innovation support professionals collaborate across disciplines and sectors to advance data technology and apply it to real-world problems.



Successful applicants will have access to:

  • Workshops and dedicated mentors to support you in developing a wide range of business skills from sales and marketing to financial planning.
  • Access to the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading academic expertise and student talent.
  • Connections to investors and local and global networks.
  • Support from partners, like-minded peers, and their dedicated program team.
  • The opportunity to be a part of the Bayes Centre, the University of Edinburgh’s innovation hub for data science and artificial intelligence – including access to the center’s incredible facilities, office space for six months, and its inspirational and collaborative data-driven community.
  • Links with Edinburgh’s Data-Driven Innovation hubs, including the National Robotarium, the Usher Institute for population data science, Edinburgh Futures Institute, Easter Bush, and Edinburgh International Data Facility.
  • Each participating company will receive a stipend of £9k per company with the chance to win additional funding.



AI-focused entrepreneurs and businesses scaling up from across the UK and the world can apply to take part in this six-month Accelerator to benefit from Edinburgh’s expertise and talent. You do not need to be linked to the University of Edinburgh or be based in the UK, but you will have an interest in engaging with the AI and data ecosystem in Scotland. The following AI Accelerator program will be focused on three key themes:

  • AI for climate change
  • AI for global health
  • AI for good


The last date to apply for the award is May 26, 2022.


You can read about it in detail on the official website.



The BUILD Health Challenge

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Applications are open to the BUILD Health Challenge. The BUILD Health Challenge® (BUILD) invites communities to apply for its new fourth cohort if they have innovative ideas to address health disparities caused by systemic or social inequities (4.0). As a BUILD community, your team will be part of a special cohort that will pave the way for the establishment of a new norm in the United States—one that prioritizes health equity and racial justice through multi-sector and community-driven collaboration.



The BUILD Health Challenge, an innovative funding collaborative and award program, is helping to establish a new norm in the United States. BUILD places multi-sector, community-driven partnerships at the heart of health to reduce health disparities caused by systemic or social inequity.



Communities may receive up to $300,000 over three years to implement efforts to drive long-term improvements in community health. Each award’s partnering hospitals, health system(s), and/or health plan commit to a 1:1 match in financial and in-kind support to further the partnership’s goals. They will also have access to a wide range of coaching and support services, as well as specialized training, and capacity-building opportunities, as well as the opportunity to participate in a national network of peers, engaged in similar work, and highlight their local work on a national scale.



BUILD awards are most appropriate for collaborations that have already developed a well-defined action plan with clear roles, strategies, and goals, and where an infusion of philanthropic support and access to a strong peer network could accelerate their work within three years and reinforce their path toward sustainability. Applications that clearly address the BUILD principles in dynamic ways, prioritize health equity, and focus on population-level health outcomes will be considered the most competitive.

Applicants need not be working specifically on health-related issues or have a health-focused mission. Outside sectors (e.g., community development, housing, food, transportation, etc.) are encouraged to apply.


Activities commonly found in the program plans of BUILD awardees include:

  • Advancing systems-level change, including policy solutions that will create fairer and more just opportunities for health (e.g. changes in local laws, regulations, or organizational policies, shifts in funding, reimbursements, or resources).
  • Collaborating strategically across organizations and sectors to enhance practices and ways of working.
  • Expanding the range of committed partners to bring complementary sets of expertise, resources, and capacities to the table.
  • Developing robust data-sharing and evaluation processes to inform intervention strategies, strengthen partnerships, improve the initiative, and measure impact.
  • Engaging and empowering community members to inform strategy and guide activities.



The last date to apply for the opportunity is June 30, 2022.


Please find out more about the opportunity on the official page.


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