Paying Tribute to Avant-Pop Legend Sophie

Youth Time pays our humble respect to a magnificent and vibrant singer Sophie. The sounds of Avant-pop will never be the same.

Some artists bless our impactful eardrums with their revolutionary sound. Some artists give us a message of hope through various musical implications. Some talented artists, unfortunately, fall too soon, as the sunsets on Avant-Pop music as listeners yearn for more musical horizons. 

According to, Grammy-nominated experimental pop artist Sophie, was found dead in a terrible accident at her home in Athens, Greece on January 30th, 2021. 

Reports have declared the artist passed away from a climbing accident, as she wanted to take a picture of the full moon from her rooftop.


A True Electronic Legend

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Sophie Xeon, came from humble beginnings. With a likely pairing of cassette tapes and a musically experimental father, Sophie, was emerald in the electronic music world at a young age. 

With the instalment of a keyboard to her love of music, the artist began developing musical material throughout their adolescence. 

From performing at various events and weddings at just the age of 10, Sophie began her love and passion for learning to DJ. 

In later years, Sophie began playing in a band called Motherland with band members, Marcella Dvsi, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, and Sabine Gottfried. 

After connecting with the musical group Dux Kidz, the artist would later affiliate with the PC Music label. 

Primarily using Elektron Monomachine and Ableton Live, Sophie debuted her first single Nothing More to Say in February 2013. The track received tremendous success on the Avant-Garde pop scene. 

According to and described as a liminal space between contemporary classical music and the popular genre genres of the twentieth century by music writer Sean Albiez, Avant-Pop balances an experimental nature with a heavy infusion of popular music. 

This genre can be viewed as the polar opposite of conventional mainstream pop form and structure.

The musical genre hit the music scene in the 1960s inspired by the post-war Avant-Garde expression. Producers, such as Joe Meek, created a masterpiece of musical pop alteration in I Hear A New World, which embodied the Avant-Pop sounds of dreamy pop vignettes, melted with sunny echoes and sonic implications. 

Other artists, such as The Beatles, created Avant-Pop sounds in the 1966 song Tomorrow Never Knows

Through her prominent role in producing for artists, such as Charlie XCX, Cashmere Cat, Lady Gaga and Lil Yachty, it was the artist’s turn for a more focal spotlight. 

In 2017, the artist released It’s Okay To Cry, which offsprings an amazing music video with Sophie’s voice and image being used for the release for the first time. 

That following year, Sophie released Oil of Every Un-Insides, which received a 61st annual Grammy award nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album. 

This was an important moment as Sophie made history as both one of the first openly transgender artists to be nominated in the category’s but one of only three transgender women to be nominated for a Grammy ever!


Oh, Ponyboy! Let’s Go Face-Shopping!

 The artist was known for their synthesized sound with a fusion of elastic sounds of latex and bubbles. The artist’s distinct sound forms a more sophisticated approach to Avant-Pop of musical experimentation. 

I have been a fan of Sophie for years. I discovered the artist’s amazing musical ability through the 2017 track, Ponyboy. I have never heard anything of this nature in previous years. One can almost feel and taste the electricity through the music.

 At first, the sound bombarded my ears in an uncomfortable nature, yet as the track progresses, the song comes to life in an electronic blooming flower notion. This song is perfect for an epic rave of true beauty of the elastic musical chaos.

“I’m real when I shop my face”. The epic lyrics ringing throughout the Avant-Garde 2018 track Face Shopping astounds my musical soul. The video is an artistic masterpiece as the essence of Avant-Pop is shown in full vision.

The Avant Pop world has truly lost a beacon of artistic excellence. Although the music may not pertain to their musical library, Sophie was and truly is a musical genius. 

Her soul will remain prominent throughout their music and many of their collaborators. May their music still inspire and continue to seek refuge for people who are unique, special, and beautiful regardless of sexual orientation, gender, sex, etc. 

Sophie will live on through the dawn of time as a true sound of the people. You are loved, and you will be truly missed.

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