Ms. Marvel Series Review

The newest Marvel series is a breath of fresh air for the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated cinemas for well over a decade now. With constant blockbuster after blockbuster action flick, Marvel had cracked a formula that worked so well. Every film is a potential billion-dollar hit, and considering they are constantly releasing two or three per year, then you know the success is endless. However, now in 2022, the MCU has figured out something else too. They seem to have started to dominate your TV as well heavily. They’re now releasing so many shows per year, and Ms. Marvel is the newest series that has captured everyone’s attention.


Plot Review

Ms. Marvel is the seventh series within the MCU and follows Kamala Khan, who is at first just a big Avengers fan but then later gets her own powers. Hence, it’s basically an origin story like any other but what makes it so special is just how fun and fresh the series feels. The Pakistani representation that’s always so scarce on TV is much welcomed here. The way the creators incorporate her family and cultural background is wonderfully done. There is simply a kind of nuance here that doesn’t exist in any previous Marvel property.

There’s still plenty of action, which is what Marvel fans have come to expect from the series. It’s all well-balanced in a manner that doesn’t leave anything important behind. Character development is there, the action is there, the drama is there, it’s all present. The coming-of-age feel gives it yet another perspective that may bring in a new underrepresented audience. There’s no denying that Marvel has embraced diversity more and more recently. Although they made a huge mistake waiting so long to give Black Widow her movie, they seem to have figured out that the best approach to moving forward is getting with the times.

The main character, Kamala, is a huge Captain Marvel fan, and we see the world through her eyes as simply a fan of the world we also love. It’s this strange dichotomy where we, as the audience, can appreciate the same things as her in real life. Thankfully, it all works as an advantage for this series, and one can only hope that the MCU continues on this path of combining fun with new perspectives.


Reception and Viewership

Ms. Marvel has been positively reviewed by most professional critics. The series holds a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about how people who do the reviewing job for a living feel about it. However, when it comes to how audiences react, things get a little more complicated.

At first, even before people really got a chance to watch one episode properly, the show got a lot of low score ratings from certain audiences. They felt personally offended that Marvel would make a series about a comic-book character of Pakistani-American background. As it’s often the case with movies or shows that aren’t concentrated on white men, there’s always a layer of negativity that accompanies the entertainment piece. Iman Vellani, who plays the main character on the show, recently said in an interview that the reason behind the racist negative feedback is because “Change is scary for a lot of people.” She’s right, of course, and she’s been proven as such time after time. Some people will always instinctually react negatively towards everything that’s not the norm within society.

Despite that, if you want to watch a great series that teens will especially adore, the entire season of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.


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