Movies For Easy Watching For This Weekend

For this weekend, we we have prepared for you, the following selection of films. Sit back and have fun.

Murder Mystery
A cop played by Adam Sandler and his wife played by Jennifer Anistorn go on a holiday to Europe. A ridiculous chain of happenings leads to both of them being suspected for the murder of a rich man. Good laughs.

The Notebook
An emotional film where a poor mill worker played by Ryan Gosling and a rich teenager played by Rachel McAdams have to face the opposition of the rich girls parents. The film develops well and is carried through to the end quite interestingly. Highly rated.

About Time
A playful topic of traveling in time is our next movie tip. Time travel is an exciting concept for many – same as for Tim, who has just learnt from his father that the same as all the men in his family, he can go back into the past. Everything has its price though. What seems to be a great idea at first has to be handled with care. Makes for good watching.

Kramer vs. Kramer
Kramer vs. Kramer based on a genre doesn´t quite fit with the previously listed films. Nevertheless, watched from the perspective of the 21st. century, this 1970s movie has quite a clean atmosphere and a similar topic might be handled quite differently today. The mood of the movie is very charming, underlined by great acting by the three major characters. Dustan Hoffman and Meryl Streep have done an excellent job as usual and their child played by Justin Henry takes your heart away.

Photo: IMDB

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