Join Us For Misinformation Webinar With Dr Victoria Rubin

Join Youth Time International Movement and Dr Victoria Rubin on Tuesday 1st June for an exclusive interview about misinformation.

Join Youth Time International live via Zoom on Tuesday 1st June at 4pm CET to hear from Dr Victoria Rubin as she discusses the psychology behind why we believe in fake news.

In this exclusive online interview, she will talk us through misinformation, how we can spot it and you will also get the chance to engage with her too.

To sign up for what is set to be an incredibly interesting event, head here to register via Zoom.


Interview Focus

Moving into the future, manoeuvring the minefield of media and social media becomes more and more difficult.

Understanding what is real and what is not is increasingly perilous with the sheer volume of information available.

The circulation of fake news and rumours is widespread, and many times taken as fact or the truth with little to no supportive evidence.

This interview is focused on preparing us to navigate and understand an ever-digitising world.

During this discussion Dr. Rubin will explain the difference between misinformation and disinformation, how they function in the media, and why so many people believe ‘fake news’.

This meeting will get down to the bones of why this phenomenon is occurring and subsequently becoming more common. Most of all, this will be an open and interactive session and we highly encourage you to ask your questions and get involved.

This interview would be suited to all individuals from all backgrounds. Understanding and being a critical judge of media and social media is imperative for being a functioning member of our digitised world.


About the Speaker 

As Associate Professor at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Dr. Victoria L. Rubin maintains an active research agenda as Director of the Language and Information Technologies Research Lab (LiT.RL) at the University of Western Ontario.

She is currently working to produce a book tentatively entitled Misinformation and Disinformation: Detecting Fakes with the Eye and AI to be released in 2022.


Interview Details

Date and Time: Tuesday the 1st of June 2021 @ 4pm CET (Central European Time)

Title: The Psychology of Misinformation: Why We Believe Fake News

Speakers: Dr. Victoria Rubin

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