Incredible Stories for the Weekend – Movie Picks

With another weekend approaching here we are with our next selection of movies. This time it will be about those outside the ambit of the law. Coincidentally, two of the movies from our movie picks are dedicated to bank robbery, one to a kidnapping and all of these are based on the true events.

All the money of the world
A film following the kidnapping of teenager John Paul Getty III who was a grandson of the wealthiest man in the world during the 1970s, is based on true events. An absurd decision of the billionaire to negotiate on the ransom money extends into a month when the kidnappers finally go violent.

This film, Stockholm, is set in 1973 and is loosely based on the events of the bank robbery in Kreditbanken. A new term ” the Stockholm Syndrome” was coined after the failed heist. Ethan Hawke with the rest of the cast managed to make it into a part comedy.

The Whiskey Bandit
He’s called the Whiskey Bandit and belongs to a different league of burglars. Based on true events as well, this phantomlike person managed to succesfully burgle nearly 30 targets in Budapest in 1990s, mainly banks and post offices and remained unknown for a whole 6 years. He reeked of alcohol during the robberies and thus came about the name of the whisky bandit.

What would the WWII look like today. In case you have ever asked yourself such a question, the film Tranzit offers more than just an answer. The plot turns around the events of the German occupation of France but is set in present times. Georg gets the opportunity to change his identity that allows him to board one of the last ships leaving Marseille. Before that though he meets the wife of the man whose name he has acquired. The underlying tension of the movie, places that look empty even if they are not and the constant discomfort from historical events is palpable.

Photo: IMDB

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