How to Use Healing Crystals for Meditation and Self-Care

How to Use Healing Crystals for Meditation and Self-Care It would be agreeable that crystals, indeed, are so much more than what meets the naked eyes. Crystals have those energies […]

How to Use Healing Crystals for Meditation and Self-Care

It would be agreeable that crystals, indeed, are so much more than what meets the naked eyes. Crystals have those energies within that heal and eliminate unwanted elements surrounding you. This goes to say that crystals are not just for vanity’s sake. They’re objects with a deeper purpose. Crystals are said to work their powers towards your consciousness, enabling you to focus well during meditation and to be made aware of your higher self.

To know more, in this article, we will be giving you tips on how to make use of crystals for meditation and self-care.

Responding to the call of a crystal. 

The healing and meditation wonders start with detecting a certain crystal that gives you a mysterious vibe and will enable you to feel a sense of connection. However, it does not really happen easily. So, if you don’t feel that vibe in a certain crystal but the urge to meditate is there, you would want to get a selenite crystal because it’s a popular crystal to connect to our highest form of consciousness.

Spending time with your crystal. 

This is the first step to connecting with your crystal. As said earlier, the connection could be established between you and the crystal. But it shouldn’t stop there. Having a moment with your crystal allows you to sense the energies within them. Also, by spending time with your crystal, it is said that their support starts to develop, allowing you to jumpstart yourself through meditation and self-care.

Getting to work with your chosen crystals. 

You need to be in an utter silent state when meditating with your crystals. You need to deepen the connections you feel towards it. Meditation is one way to interact with your crystal allowing it to penetrate your body and consciousness. Thus, it would be best to involve your crystal in activities you regularly do to create a stronger bond with them.

One example is touching orgone pyramids with utmost focus before going to work. Doing this consistently will help you with your meditation, and you will be able to create a deeper bond connection with your crystal. Through this, you allow the crystal’s abilities to develop your meditation into something better and deeper.

Incorporate one’s body. 

Now that things and connections between you and crystals have deepened, it is now time to do the immersion of crystals into the body, so as to establish the closest interaction with crystals. You could do this by laying down the crystals on your body with relaxing music so that your body and mind will collide, enabling you to meditate fully. Through this, the energies innate to crystals will remove the negativities making you less burdened as you go into the deeper state of meditation.

Final Words

Crystals indeed are magnificent gifts from the earth. These are pieces that serve as your protection and tool to get rid of those negative energies. More importantly, crystals permit meditation and self-care by doing your part and making them work their way to your body, mind, and soul. Lastly, you need to bear in mind that using them for meditation is something that requires your participation. Without it, your crystals will not work the way it’s supposed to.

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