How To Activate Creativity In The Brain? Tricks From A Professor Of Biology

In the psychological literature it is possible to find more than sixty different definitions of creativity. Probably the most widespread concept is that creativity is manifested in the creation of any new work that is both original and useful. Creativity is a mental process that involves the discovery of new ideas, concepts, solutions to problems, or establishing links between existing concepts and ideas. Creativity is a skill that is practiced and developed like any other. Where and how do we find "creativity"?

The right brain is the one that connects with the wider consciousness. The right brain is our creativity source. The right brain sees and experiences the unity of all. The left brain is just as important for life, it connects us with the real world. This is the undergirding of language, of all that we see in society, the cutting edge of intellect, education, politics, medicine …

Ideally, we would like to become “the person embracing the whole brain.” Both sides of the brain would then be active, and they would communicate with each other using the place that connects them. Then at the same time we would be inspired and creative and know that we are all part of a great mind. How do we activate the right brain?

Because we live in a world that constantly “exercises” or activates the left brain, the question is how to balance the two sides. There are several strategies that can further activate the right brain:

  • Free dancing: cheerful music encourages dancing. It’s important to feel comfortable and feel free, relax your body and let your creativity run. However, as we all have a left side of the brain that is more active than the right, the brain will automatically try to set in motion a logical dance. But it is necessary to “break” rational movement. Whenever you notice that a dance movement repeats, immediately change it. This will activate the creative and irrational centers in the brain.
  • Consciously using the left side of the body: Today most people write right-handed. But we can always learn to write left-handed. In this way, we can consciously use the left side of the body to activate the right brain.
  • Breathing: swara yoga is a breathing exercise that stimulates the brain. This breathing exercise alternately activates first one and then the other side of the brain. If you want to stimulate both sides alternately, you can close the nostrils and inhale and exhale. If you want to activate the right brain just because you feel that you belong to a group which has a more active left, you can close your right nostril and breathe only through the left.
  • Reading books;
  • Writing down notes: you never know when you might think of a good idea, and if you do not write it down it could be lost forever.

Employees around the world are increasingly overwhelmed with information that threatens the productivity of the brain. “Brain fatigue occurs due to fear of information: the psyche simply does not like to be buried,” explains psychologist Dr. Joanne Cantor. Although people like to have choices, if they are faced with too many options, they are less satisfied with their decisions and the final choice, she points out. “The long-term memory can receive an unlimited amount of information, but in a single day there are limits“, said Dr. Joanne Cantor.

Creativity today takes a lot of knowledge with regard to the current flow of ideas and information and the amount of pre-existing knowledge. To gather this knowledge takes time, motivation and interest. The most creative moments will be in the areas where we frequently think, where we live, and where our collection of knowledge is not an obligation, but a pleasure.

Humor is closely linked with creativity, because it is based on the sensible and the absurd, on unexpected turns of thought. A funny twist in the sentence requires the brain’s ability to think in different ways and often very quickly: the statement must have a sense of contending interlocutors, sometimes hidden meaning or several meanings, and at the same time it must be unexpected and somewhat absurd.

Creativity is not a rational process. The rational side of your brain starts the process by giving your mind fresh information and the intention of creating new ideas. Creativity comes only through action, never through waiting for something to happen. Sometimes you just sit in front of a piece of paper and run a train of thought. The basis of creative thinking is coming out, beyond the common thought flows by exploring unusual associations and ideas.

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