`Hors Normes` – Cine that Speaks for Itself

A good movie is when you are satisfied with the picture while watching it, you find yourself thinking about the main idea for several days after your first see it and finally, the clouds of feelings evaporate and you get back into normal life. How many films like this have you experienced? One of these is `Hors Normes`.

Hors Normes

`Hors Normes` or `Specials` is among the recently released movies that were premiered at the French Cesar award, which is similar to the American Oscar.  Directed by famous co-workers Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano (`1+1: Intouchables`, `C`est la vie`), it garnered eight different nominations.

Which made the film a godsend for all cinematography aesthetes. But it’s a pity that the eclipse of the Oscarians makes it the first to `see later on`, but not one that must be seen right away.



As a matter of fact, Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb (`Django`, `Le chant du loup`) both appear here, And the work of two talented directors merges us into a world outside the routine. The real story from a basement, written after the experience of two years of active participation in French institutions for special persons.

Vincent Cassel in the spotlight

Throughout his career, Vincent Cassel has played many roles, revealing himself from new perspectives. It is a huge talent to conceal a number of hypotheses that must be revealed in every new story.

In this case you see a new Vincent, without the past that appeared in `Irreversibility`, without the languor in the `Black Swan`, without the boundaries in  `A Dangerous method`. In most of his films, he is like a player on large-scale fields, each time flourishing at the new extremes of his personality.


Vinvent Cassel

A real story from the basement

The plot is built on mutual assistance, uncompromising and real, on sacrifice and on a mission to give a hand in time when the whole world has turned its back. Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb play the leaders in non-profit social organizations for the rehabilitation and socialization of children with autism in the first case and for re-integrating young people who have suffered painful experiences in the second.

“Specials” are not only children, not only Vincent and Reda, not only teenagers, to whom they give a chance to recover, but all combine at the same time. A wide exclusive determination that covers at least the life stories in the plot and in a prospective way could change world opinion.

The power of the kind heart

Like a binding of lines, threads are pulled, weakened, confused, torn, and connected again. This film  was created in order to shed light on how many bureaucratic circles social organizations have to go through in order to begin their formal activities.

Among social organizations in France, none could really use one of  the postulated treatments – an individual approach. This is the fate of missionaries, the image of Vincent Cassel, who, sacrificing his personal problems, fights for the destinies of children with special needs.

This is a story about a strong man, with a kind heart, who goes against the rules in order to make a profound effect on those who also are seeking genuine changes rather than   prescribed government regulations. His friend, Reda Kateb, is the mentor of a society that helps socialize difficult youth.

He introduces the students as mentors for children with autism. Together they create life, many lives: the possibility to work, to train, to encourage emotional development, a feeling of warmth and most important – the understanding that someone needs you.

Accepting the weaknesses of others and providing undeniable help, this is a force of the soul, isn’t it?


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