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We usually write about movies. After watching a few series in the recent times, the decision to include them into one of the weekend picks was instant because they were so good. Hope you enjoy these productions from 2003 till date.

Angels in America
The oldest one of these four is a 6 part series made in 2003. It is a fantasy revolving around few characters connected through the topic of homosexuality and AIDS during the 1980s. Starring eminent actors such as Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson or Al Pacino, the series created an unusual perspective, using black humor and other elements. The beginning was great and so were the rest of the episodes except for the last one which seems to have been concluded in a hurry to tie up the loose ends. Despite that it deserves a thumb up.

My Brilliant Friend
My Brilliant Friend is an ongoing series which brings us to Naples as it was in 1950s. In a rather violent and non-comforting neighbourhood and homes, grow up two unlikely girlfriends. Narrated by Elena Greco – one of the friends – it takes us on a journey through their lives, covering nearly 60 years. The series is immensely interesting mainly due to the atmosphere and an absolutely excellent choice of actors. Particularly worth mentioning are the main child actors for whom it was their first role ever.

Young Pope
An absolute delicacy is this series about a Young Pope starring Jude Law. A fictional controversial conclave of cardinals results in a different kind of a Pope – unpredictable and young. A Pope that is so conservative that he drives away even the faithfuls and at the same time has sympathy for the poor and the weak which makes him take some action. The series has a fair dose of sarcasm and sometimes unexpected music. While the Pope´s dressing for his first address to the cardinals the song that plays in the background “I am sexy and I know it” sure wouldn´t fit within the walls of the Vatican city. Worth mentioning are also the manner in which the introductory credits are shown from episode 3. Thumbs up and can´t wait for the series, The New Pope – a promising sequel to the Young Pope.

Big Little Lies
The series Big Little Lies depends a lot on the star cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Meryl Streep and the daughter of the musician Lenny Kravitz Zoë Kravitz. The series is about a crime story and the atmosphere that’s created in the community that lives close to the sea is quite arresting. While the series is very well made, I can´t help the thought that the second season was a little slow compared to the dramatic first one. It is said that a third season is being planned. Let’s see what that brings once it comes.

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