Funding Cuts Limit University Access Says Australian Education Poll

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Universities should contribute to development of Zimbabwean economy

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa stated that higher institutions have an obligation to contribute to economic development through their innovative research. “The proliferation of higher and tertiary institutions in the country, therefore, is an acknowledgement by government of the critical importance of education in the achievement of multifaceted socio-economic development of the country,” he said. Many sectors such as mining, tourism and agriculture need efforts of both, government and universities, in order to properly develop. At the same time, government will continue to support higher and tertiary education institutions.

Funding cuts limit university access says Australian education poll

The latest reports have shown that education minister, Simon Brimingham was considering non-legislative changes to funding, among them cutting some of the partnership programmes that help students from low-income families. The poll conduceted by JWS Research has shown that six of out 10 Australians think cuts to university funding would limit access to tertiary education, reports the Guardian. Belinda Robinson, who si the chief executive of Universities Australia, stated: “The government keeps coming up with creative new ways to cut funding to public universities, but the message from voters remains the same: it’s the wrong decision for Australia’s future.”

GOP tax legislation threatens campuses and students

Recent nationwide rallies on campuses have shown that graduate students are not supporting a House proposal to tux tuition waivers. These would include price breaks that universities often grant to attract doctoral students, allowing them to pursue research while working. Also, tuition discounts that go to the children of many university employees would be taxed. In total, this version of the bill would enact $65 billion in cuts and rollback to higher education tax provisions over 10 years. In a recent letter, University of California President Janet Napolitano stated that the House bill would threten UC’s ability to carry out its research, among some other things.

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