Focus and Concentration

Have you ever gone through your day being busy with so much to do yet you have a wandering mind? The day can go by and you cannot determine how fruitful your day has been. The thoughts you think and why you think them can distract you while you go by your daily routine. You need all the focus there is to be effective, take a decision, and plan out your day at school or work.

Staying focused is a vital capacity. Jack of all trades, master of none has everything to do with being unfocused. It is very easy to lose focus, so how do we become masters of many?


Why Do We Get Distracted? 

Scientists have proven that the human mind struggles with focus. A combination of noise and visual stimulation are constant distractions in the world. Life is not always perfect and its troubles can be distractive.  The financial crisis, health conditions, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or going through a breakup are some possible moments of life that can redirect one’s attention. A disturbed mind can never be focused.

We can also get distracted when we multitask. Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker in one of his speeches on concentration gave out his secret rule, “Don’t start a business day till you get to the office.” He explained every destination has its focus. The dining area is to dine, any attempt to think business at that moment will get you distracted. Both actions will struggle to take your focus. He advised that one must ensure they enjoy every moment and be present at every point of their daily routine. 

How can one stay focused amidst life situations? Clearly, distractions differ from person to person but there are key tips that can help if you go by them.


Plan Your Day

As clarified, there are enough distractions in the world. Failure to plan your day will make you prone to distractions. What will be your focus hourly? What do you intend to achieve by the end of the day? Which route can save you time to do more? We all have 24 hours in a day but we are not obliged to do the exact things within this timeframe. Jim Rohn said: “It’s not the hours you put in but the efforts you put in the hours.” Planning your day will cause you to be focused. Successful people are focused.


Create a Task List

Define your day with tasks. Have a to-do list. Some schools of thought advise we create a not-to-do list. It is said that the to-do list can become overloaded when you are unable to delegate and outsource your task. Also, a not-to-do list is effective if you have a problem saying no. It helps you maintain better focus and only perform tasks that create the greatest value. 

Prioritize Your Top Three Tasks for the Day

Identifying priorities is important. It helps you complete everything that needs to be done. You can focus on the tasks you deem important and urgent and later do the lower priority tasks. Unable to prioritize your task will make you face difficulties to finish your tasks and hinder your productivity. 

Avoid Distractions

We all can identify our distractions. In my case, my social media notifications are always my distractions. I cannot stay focused with all the notifications I have allowed on my smartphone. To outsmart my phone, I will either put off my data or wi-fi, or put my phone on airplane mode. In some cases, I keep my phone in the bedroom and stay in the library to finish an article. 

You know what distracts you the most. Just as I can identify my distraction and ensure it doesn’t outsmart me, find the best way to overcome yours.



Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock


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