Exciting Awards by Prestigious Organizations for Changemakers in Agri-Food Industries

Awards for the enthusiasts who strive to make the agri-food industry bigger and better.

The agri-food industries are the current leaders in the economies of the world. With the population rising and affecting the climate, there is a need to cater to environment-friendly technology and also fulfill the demand for nutritious food. Youth Time Magazine brings you the upcoming competitions and awards in the agri-food industry this week. You would not want to miss them out! 

Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge

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Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge organized by the prominent Institute of Food Technologists has opened its application for the year 2022. The Million Dollar Annual Global Food System Challenge is funded by Seeding The Future Foundation


A non-profit organization, Seeding The Future develops and supports innovative solutions to improve the global food system. The foundation is on a mission to support impactful initiatives that create innovations enabling transform food systems to be more regenerative, nutritious, and equitable for everyone in alignment with our vision.


Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge will provide monetary awards in the form of grants and prizes totaling up to $1,000,000 annually. The Challenge will provide three levels of awards to incentivize transformative food system innovations at different stages of their development:

  • Seed Grants ($25,000 each) will be awarded to organizations that are planting and nurturing high-potential, innovative ideas and have developed a prototype and/or initial proof of concept demonstrating feasibility. Innovation must benefit at least one, ideally, two domains of the Innovation Focus Area without negatively impacting the others.
  • Growth Grants ($100,000 each) will be awarded to organizations that have demonstrated that their innovation is doable and have projected both economic feasibility at scale and high-impact potential to transform the food system. The innovation must benefit at least two, ideally, three domains with no negative impact on the others.
  • Seeding The Future Grand Prizes ($250,000 each) will be awarded to organizations that have created innovations that are scalable, economically feasible at scale, trusted, and compelling to consumers, and have demonstrated major impact potential to transform the food system. The innovation must benefit at least two, ideally, three domains with no negative impact on the others.


The following organizations are eligible to compete in the Challenge:

  • Non-profits located in any country
  • Academic or research institutions located in any country
  • Early-stage or emerging U.S. or European-based for-profit companies 
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply. However, teams of students or researchers may participate as part of an organization’s submission. 
  • Organizations are encouraged to form teams to compete in the Challenge. If two or more organizations form a team to compete, they should choose one of the organizations to serve as the applicant.


The last date to apply for the grant is August 1, 2022. 

Read more about the application process and details here.



FoodTech Challenge 2022 for Agri-Food Startups 

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The FoodTech Challenge has opened its application for this year. The FoodTech Challenge is a global competition that seeks the next generation technology solutions to transform food and traditional agricultural operations for efficiency and sustainability. 


Through advanced Research and Development (R&D), start-up support, investment, policy, education, and other activities, the FoodTech Challenge has collaborated with major local groups to promote the UAE’s food security agenda. The competition is open to early-stage start-ups worldwide. It encourages submissions in two key areas: Food Production to address food availability and abundance and investigate next-generation, nutrient-rich alternatives, and Food Loss and Waste to ensure sustainability across the food supply chain and the planet as a whole.


  • The total prize pool is worth $2,000,000 and includes cash rewards, incentive programs, start-up acceleration, and R&D support.
  • The Food Tech Challenge will pay transportation and lodging costs for a chosen number of finalists visiting the UAE (subject to travel restrictions).


The competition is available to all contestants above the age of 18. They are searching for early-stage agri-food tech start-ups in the areas of food production and food loss and waste.

To be eligible to participate, your start-up should:

  • Have a maximum of 25 workers.
  • Have a minimum viable product that you can work with.
  • Have only been in operation for less than five years.
  • Have not yet pursued a Series-A round of funding.
  • Address the Food Production or Food Loss and Waste value chain segments.


The last day to apply for the opportunity is June 24, 2022

You can read more about the competition on the official website.


UN World Food Forum (WFF) Startup Innovation Awards 2022

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UN World Food Forum (WFF) Startup Innovation Awards 2022 are now accepting applications. The WFF Startup Innovation Awards, powered by Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), are a global startup competition that supports and recognizes innovators and entrepreneurs who are using technology to drive the sustainable transformation of agri-food systems in support of ending global hunger and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


Made possible through a strategic partnership with XTC, the world’s largest startup competition for entrepreneurs addressing global challenges, these awards aim to elevate the next generation of entrepreneurs who are creating new technologies and innovations to benefit our planet and the agri-food systems we need to thrive. Agri-food system specialists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the globe have volunteered to become experts and judges for the WFF Startup Innovation Awards.

Through the WFF Startup Innovation Awards, the organization is seeking to elevate and accelerate the growth of startups who show the greatest potential for a positive impact in transforming agri-food systems, aligned to one of four categories: better production, better nutrition, better environment, and better life. 


  • The Startup Innovation Awards provide finalist and award winners the potential for global visibility, the ability to raise capital, network with global entities (governments, UN agencies, corporations, VCs, partners), and gain the mentorship opportunities they need to pioneer technological breakthroughs and help power a sustainable future for our food.
  • Additionally, this year, the competition will also have a special award around how the innovation in each of the categories will contribute to the interconnected issues of the 2022 World Food Forum theme, Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.


Open to businesses that have an impact on an aspect of agrifood systems, such as the production, aggregation, processing, distribution, consumption, and disposal of food products derived from agriculture, forestry, or fisheries, as well as aspects of the broader economic, societal, and natural environments in which they operate.


The deadline for the competition is July 15, 2022.

Read more about the opportunity here.


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