Drones: Creating Enhanced Aerial Panoramas in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Capturing moments of events is a habit for most people and a job for others. However, in those times when situations are inconvenient, risky, and tough; drones would do the job. Drones carry out filming in the toughest situations. These flying machines are lifesavers for photographers and videographers in the media and entertainment industry.

The origins of drones can be traced back to World War I. For many decades since then, drones have been extensively used for military purposes. However, the past two decades have been noteworthy in terms of the wide range of applications of drones, including aerial photography and videography for media and entertainment. Drones have been used to film movies and television series; to cover news footage for journalism; to capture scenes for documentaries and advertisements; to record life events and functions; for aerial photography.


Trends in the Media and Entertainment Sector 

The media and entertainment industry has been quickly rising as a result of the increased use of drones in cinematography and photography. Drones are popularly utilized by film-making and media companies to reach regions that are impracticable for people. They have also quickly become an integral aspect of professional photography and filming. Consequently, professionals are increasingly using them to gain a competitive advantage. 

According to the Grand View Research report in 2021, the global commercial drone market size was valued at $13.44 billion in 2020 and it is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 57.5 percent from 2021 to 2028.

The popularity of drones in the media and entertainment industry has skyrocketed, especially for movie production, news footage, and documentary filming. Since credibility is the most important aspect when making the news, drones can deliver credible footage along with quality and live videos. These days, it’s very common to broadcast drone footage from dangerous and life-threatening locations such as war zones, prohibited zones, live incidents, natural catastrophes, harsh geographical sites, and so on.


Why Are Drones Popular in the Media and Entertainment?

Due to their ability to shoot from a higher perspective, images taken by drones appear extraordinary. Drones have built-in intelligent cameras that can rotate and spin in all directions, allowing the operator to shoot photos and videos from all sorts of angles. This is especially important for photographers since it offers them greater scope for capturing the perfect shot.

With constant advancements in technology, drones nowadays are produced to provide boundless camera angles, maximum speed chase scenes, over water and in-between tree scenes, overhead landscape and cityscape views, and many more alternatives. Doing so requires drone operating skills. Due to this, there are firms that hire skilled freelance drone operators. Many businesses do not hire full-time drone operators but instead, hire freelancers to fly drones for specific projects.

Popular Application of Drones in Media and Entertainment 

Photography and cinematography have reached great new heights thanks to drone technology. They have created a plethora of new opportunities for photographers, filmmakers, and casual enthusiasts. Drones are preferred by cinematographers since they can deliver videos that can create a clear mental picture of landscapes. The most appealing part of drone filming is that, during filming, they can record segments of scenes at higher perspectives with a single uncut shot.

For quite a while now, cinematographers have been producing breathtaking scenes using drone technology. Movies with stunning bird’s-eye view scenes such as Expendables, Van Helsing, Spectre, Skyfall, and Captain America, were filmed using drones. Those movies were produced with exquisite visuals along with a realistic experience.

In addition, photojournalists no longer need to place themselves in risky situations going through dangerous jungles and rainforests, extreme landscapes, war zones, natural catastrophes, and severe weather to shoot photos and videos. Using drones, they can document topics and events in inaccessible locations. It’s a safe alternative for such journalists since it is possible to cover the news using remotely operated footage of dangerous situations. 

Furthermore, drones are also cost-effective alternatives for many media companies. They have avoided the trouble of using helicopters and planes for shooting from higher angles, which are more expensive and require on-site personnel to operate. 

Drones are also popularly used in filming life events and functions. They enable filmmakers to shoot overhead footage, producing an incredibly phenomenal effect for videos in weddings, parties, family reunions, graduation ceremonies, and so on. Imagine a wedding video with exceptional quality, and a full view of all the ceremony from an elevated angle, with all the landscape, included with the bird’s eye view of the drones. It would be a video that’s able to spark nostalgia. 



Photo: Rocksweeper/Shutterstock


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