Dream Jobs – Inspirational Movies Related To Jobs

For those who plan a career change, our traditional weekend movie tips could offer an interesting option. It can be a completely new profession or just looking at things from different perspective. This way or that, stay in touch, you never know from where the final nudge can come from.

Viaggio sola (A Five Star Life) 

Travelling for free and staying in five-star hotels around the world and on top of that, being paid. Do you think that you could get used to this lifestyle quite easily? Then watch this movie about Irene who works as a “Luxury hotel critic” and you can get some answers about this dream-come-true profession.

Field of Dreams 

That corn field doesn´t have to remain for corn says Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) who is a farmer from Iowa. He proved that dreams can become reality when he turned his field into a football field.



This is a true story from the baseball world about Bill Beane (Brad Pitt) who proves that the same things can be done differently with greater success. Open the eyes and you can see the world from different perspectives.

The Intern

Everybody would agree that the position of an Intern somehow fits more with the youth. Yet the 70 years old retired Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) doesn´t find retirment as exciting as he thought it might be and applies for a position where he probably wouldn´t imagine himself. Even zero expectations can turn into a great surprise.

Photo: CSFD

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