Music Censorship: Then and Now

As the music industry continues to expand, it’s hard to believe that music censorship was and continues to be a dominating force to regulate it’s influence on the youth. Is…

The Pandemic And Cryptocurrencies

I have heard many young adults say, it’s not just an investment, it’s our future. There are even reports of a 9 and and 12 year-old sister and brother mining…

To DNA Or Not To DNA

In a notorious high profile case in a European country, with mass DNA testing, they not only found the murderer but also discovered he was born out of wedlock to…

What is NFT?

Recently, Beeple, the famous digital artist sold one of his NFT works for $69 million at Christie’s. But how does it all work, we found out.

The Future of Solar Technology

From the invention of electricity, fuel has been needed. With more emphasis on green energy, how will solar technology impact our futures?