Best Road Trips in the United States

Have you ever dreamed of taking a road trip around the USA? Here is the list of the best USA road trips that you can take this summer.

The United States is famous for a lot of things but one of the best ways to experience the country is by taking a road trip. The size, variety of nature, history, and culture of the US makes it a perfect road trip material. From small towns to mountain ranges, desserts, and beautiful coastline, here are the best US road trip itineraries that you can try out this summer.


Route 61

If you are a serious fan of music, then Route 61 is a perfect road trip for you. Starting in Nashville, Tennessee, and ending in New Orleans, Louisiana, Route 61 covers around 600 miles. The route offers beautiful Mississippi River views, a selection of great food stops, and quality blues music. By taking this route, you will get to not only hear live jazz music on the streets but you will also get to visit Graceland, home of Elvis Presley.


Pacific Coast Highway

California can easily be called the home of road trips. With so many possible routes, it can be a hard task to choose what road trip to take while in this state. The Pacific Coast Highway is an iconic highway that connects San Francisco and San Diego. The route consists of 655 miles of incredible Pacific Ocean coastline, as well as iconic sites such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bixby Creek Bridge.


Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway is a route starting in Shenandoah National Park and ending in Asheville, North Carolina. Covering a distance of 469 miles, the route is one of the most popular road trip choices in the US. This scenic road includes Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina, as well as wonderful stops along the way such as Skyline Drive, Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, and Asheville.


Route 66

If you are looking for an epic road trip that will take over several days to complete, then there is no better choice than Route 66. The route covers over 2,500 miles, beginning in Santa Monica Pier, California, and ending in Chicago, Illinois. This cross-country road trip will take you back in time as you drive through one of the original highways in the country. During the road trip, you will get to visit many old towns, you will cross nine states, and see many historic sights such as Catoosa Whale, Cadillac Ranch, and the Twin Arrows.


Alaska Highway

Another long-distance road trip option is the great Alaska Highway which covers up to 1,500 miles and takes you from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada to Anchorage, Alaska. This historic highway is one of the more adrenaline-driven choices. The majority of the road is paved or only grave which means that you have to consider weather conditions when choosing this road trip. However, the scenery and incredible wildlife that you can spot during the journey make it worth the effort.


Outer Banks Scenic Byway

If you have watched the newest Netflix hit series Outer Banks, then you will definitely want to experience this road trip. Beginning in Carova, North Carolina, and reaching Ocracoke, North Carolina, the road covers only 138 miles but it can definitely be called one of the more scenic roads in the area. The road trip follows North Carolina’s Route 12 and takes you through over 20 villages along the coast of North Carolina. During the journey along Outer Banks Scenic Byway, you will spot beautiful lighthouses, different museums, and great beaches for a quick afternoon dip.


Great River Road

3,000 miles-long road covering the distance from the starting point in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana. The historic road crosses 10 states following along the beautiful Mississippi River and gives you a chance to visit Memphis and New Orleans, as well as experience vibrant culture and learn more about the country’s rich history in each of the states. This is one of the lesser-known routes in the US making it a more authentic experience that you can share later on with your inner circle.


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